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Prager has written a couple of books on the topic "911 American Nuke", part 1 and 2. The books can be downloaded for free. I have downloaded them but not read.

Basically, Prager proposes maybe 50 "apple-sized" high-tech fission mini-nukes were used to demolish the twin towers. Each nuke would have a very limited vaporization radius 50-100 feet. This fits perfectly with what ANONYMOUS PHYSICIST has proposed since 2006. Prager explains the paper phenomenon at the WTC as being poor targets for the high energy neutrons from the nuclear devices -- whereas steel and water-containing objects (people) were much more strongly affected.

Prager really focuses mostly on the dust evidence, as showing evidence of fission products-- a point William Tahil made some time back. Tahil's work was problematic though, as he proposed the basement of each tower had a nuclear reactor that went critical and somehow caused the towers to collapse from the top down. Somewhat disturbingly, Prager says people should look up the Tahil book, without saying anything about its serious problems. Prager did mention Anonymous Physicist briefly, but did not reference his book, unfortunately. Two things that Prager didn't touch on at all, unfortunately, are aspects that Anonymous Physicist has described in detail-- the EMP and the China Syndrome. Still, Prager gives a beautiful intro to the idea of nukes at the WTC. Prager's ideas are perfectly consistent with what Anonymous Physicist has proposed, and which is the model I totally support.

Prager and Fetzer do a great job calling out thermite and Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan for the steaming pile of limited hangout bullshit they really are. They also take on Judy Wood and DEW a bit. Prager and Fetzer are fairly gentle on Wood, while more strenuously calling out Jones for being a disinfo agent.

One very interesting thing Prager mentions is two witnesses on 9/11, saying they saw people running and then get vaporized in a fireball-- which I had never heard of before but obviously is consistent with nukes. The REALLY odd thing though, is Prager says Patricia Ondrovic was one of these witnesses and was a Red Cross volunteer. Either Prager is mistaken/confused about Ondrovic, or there is more than one Ondrovic. This article talks about Ondrovic and fireballs and the Red Cross, and maybe Prager was confused on Ondrovic being in the Red Cross. He gives a name of a red Cross worker, not Ondrovic-- cant' recall it though, maybe it is in his book.

Overall, though, kudos to Prager for giving such a clear and compelling interview-- and for spreading the word about the nuking of the WTC.

(Side note-- pretty cool to see Jim Fetzer becoming a die-hard no-planer/nuker!)

Please spread this important info to anyone you think would be receptive to it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google "the selective use of polygraphs"

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Anonymous Physicist:


Yes: Spook of 9/11, not Spooked, but Spook.

Remove the top phrase where it says I write at this blog. That has ended!

I have detailed the things you have done, and are doing now, at my new blog. You and your Op have been exposed.

People can learn about your actions that make it 100$ certain that you are an agent or asset of the regime.


11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I take no pleasure in revealing—with 100% certainty—that a blog where I had posted is owned by a regime intel agent or asset: Spooked911. In fact, we will see that he is among the worst on the internet. I will detail both his actions and words that terminated our “relationship” and also earlier events.

The final straw occurred a few months ago, when I wrote a JFK Assassination piece that had a definitive photo proving the local and especially the federal government did the murder. This photo is always cropped, or the book or article containing it does not mention what is there, as all intel assets have the same orders regarding it! The photo shows the lead car in the Dallas motorcade had pulled far in front, and then had stopped (brake lights on). It contained: Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson, Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker, and SS Agent Forrest Sorrels. Lawson was in charge of Dallas security and pre-trip planning. Different reports say Curry or Lawson was driving. The car’s break lights, and the man in front of its rear, with a rifle or other object proves the regime did the assassination—as well, of course as video showing SS Agent Greer murdering Kennedy.

Now when I sent the piece to Spook[ed], I also told him how all the regime’s agents are forbidden to state anything about the man at the lead car’s rear. He may have the lower half of his body in a sewer manhole. It was the Secret Service’s job to close those off before hand. And regardless of what he may be holding, he is clearly there and involved in the murder, and those in the car are thus clearly in on it.

Spook[ed] promptly proved my point!

He began sending me one picture after another after another, and wrote that “the man was really one of the flags on the JFK limo.”
“flagman” according to the Spook

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also saw that there was much missing or contradictory matters about Spook[ed] himself. He never gave any real reason for him to be doing these blogs on 9/11. Rather the opposite—despite obviously phony, liberal rants, he often gives himself away as a regime-worshipping, money-worshipping, conservative-fascist. In the last 2-3 years, he has revealed himself even more so. At the same time, that the other “911 truth” phonies left the internet, this one began to reveal his true nature. His piece that the “US Government is mostly good,” was one of the most foul things I have ever read in my life. This at a place where I proved this Govt vaporized thousands of human beings on 9/11, and is controlled by those whose goal is Quarantine Escape and possible extermination of all humankind! And that they may have done this several times already thousands of years ago.

And of course, the US regime, even just since WWII has killed millions of people in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places. And here at home, kills or poisons many Americans as well—from President Kennedy to my poisoning with mercury. What that piece showed was that this creature—because of his large grant monies is a bourgeois, narcissistic creep whose worldview is totally based on himself—again despite the phony, seemingly, liberal rantings. Indeed the grant monies may be how he is paid for being an intel asset—which his absurd behavior regarding those two articles above absolutely prove. Why indeed would someone who worships the regime, has a busy life running a big lab, teaching, and has a family with kids be running those blogs? His actions regarding the “man vs flag” nonsense and the Zero Interaction Physics piece answers these questions clearly. Orders.

Spook[ed]’s Op is clearly to keep posting disinformation ad nauseum from other proven intel assets/agents. He continues to post the work of the Wood woman and her risible DEW or “molecular dissociation clouds” which I showed, back in 2006, were cropped photos of water hosing down the radioactive, hot rubble pile. And I proved how everything emanating from her is meant to hide the nuking, and especially the China Syndrome aftermath of WTC nuking. Spook[ed] also continues to post the videos from another obvious intel agent/asset—the Baker guy—who continues to post the work of the Wood woman. The Baker guy keeps citing the Wood woman’s laughable “molecular dissociation clouds” in his disinfo videos of the nuking of the WTC. Because of course the Baker guy’s Op is to discredit the WTC nuking. And our Spook[ed] here knows this well because I have delineated this many times. Any 10 year old would also know the Baker guy was a fraud from his laughable, fake radio suicide a few years ago. So only a totally dishonest, fellow intel perp would post his videos! And part of the Spooked911 Op-Plan may have been for the larger (intel-run) conspiracy sites, never to take my articles, some of which were posted on Spooked’s blogs. My work, of course, gave this perp the aura of legitimacy, but that has now ended! It is also very telling that Spooked—despite posting my work on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA, and much else from me or from himself, has not received any harmful actions, threats or been placed on the no-fly list. Anyone real gets assaulted, threatened, poisoned, or killed; and is not allowed to fly!

Another foul piece from him occurred after the shooting of the Congresswoman in Tucson. Like all the other intel agency run enterprises, he immediately posted detritus on removing guns from the people—an MSNBC piece if memory serves. This despite the fact that the circumstances again showed pre-knowledge and Gov’t involvement and just another hypnotized or drugged patsy. This is how all intel-run blogs work: Whenever a serious incident occurs whereby the regime feels threatened in some way, the conspiracy blogger—and hidden intel agent/asset—suddenly becomes the Govt/MSM!

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The future acts of intel assets are easy to predict. Spooked will most foully write, “poor A.P., he’s cracked up from his mercury poisoning.” This is what the intel vermin used to write, and again shows he IS them. Of course, a comparison of the 2 above photos will show who is nuts to try to claim the lead car man is the flag!

For people interested in knowing what has happened, is happening and will happen, tell them to get my 3 revised books, and to support someone who is not a regime agent, but whose health and life was horrifically destroyed by them.
And to come here for this blog.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And there is a new post explaining the Prager Op, or the Prager/Fetzer/Spook[ed] Op at

You will see the lies from Prager and indeed from the above triad.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one thing from my post on Prager.

You will read about his claim that cars caught fire because "neutrons are attracted to metal" is devoid of physics and truth.

He is the latest scam from the intel agencies. And promoted by all the intel assets.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, the "Anonymous Physicist" has finally MELTED DOWN!!!

You have our sympathies, Spooked. And we feel truly sorry for him, too.

He may have been a dear friend and long time collaborator of yours, but we always suspected he was somewhat mentally on the edge and certainly not schooled enough, as indicated by this puerile rant, to be a credentialed physicist.

Maybe he will recover. I hope so, both for his sake and for whatever family he might have. Perhaps he's really a very nice guy who simply bought in too quickly on some of those patently bogus JFK theories about the pres. being shot at really close range.

And what's this about you subsisting on foundation grants???

2:38 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Dear Anonymous Physicist--

How sad to see you attack me like this, on a post where I actually say you are right about the nuking. In fact, over the past 6 years, I have done nothing here but promote your work. Further, I have really tried to help you as much as possible financially.

You are a smart man in some ways, but incredibly naive about the real world. I am not an intel agent. I am a biomedical researcher who was politically liberal until 9/11. I have learned a lot about conspiracy since then, and my views have changed. But these issues are very complicated, and there is no obvious 100% truth about conspiracies given the nature of the information we have available. I run this blog because I care about politics and my country and humanity. You may characterize my intentions as you wish, but honestly, I have done all this work here for almost 8 years now, because I want to educate myself and others about what is out there.

AP-- I have never seen someone with such a huge ego as you. You simply cannot tolerate anyone who doesn't promote your strict party line about conspiracies, or someone who acts different from the way you think they should act. Anyone who deviates the slightest from what you say is labeled an agent. This is a bullshit, idiotic, counterproductive attitude. Overall, I can't believe what an asshole you are, after all the things I have done for you. I could go on, but I find you kind of sad and you have never accepted a different opinion anyway.

But keep pushing that the limo flag is really a man with a bazooka (as you originally wrote) or a rifle sticking out of a manhole! That idea will take off any day now, and finally prove you right about the JFK assassination!

8:56 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

And yeah! It totally makes sense that I am an intel agent and you are the one true conspiracy expert on the internet, and I endlessly promoted your work and also helped you financially. What a devious and lever Op-plan!!!

9:36 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Somewhere, a real intel agent is reading this exchange, and couldn't be happier...

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything you said above is a lie.

You will be be known for maybe 3 things.

1. "I gots to tell you about Judy Wood's new book--it has such perty pictures." [Wood a proven fellow agent]

2. "Since I gets my big grant money, I loves my master. The US Govt is good--the hell with the rest of the world who they are killing."

3. FlagMan. That man is just the flag on the JFK limo.

Still waiting for you to do a post on the last. Show everyone how that man--apparently half in a sewer that the SS was supposed to close off.

But instead everyone in the lead car is in on it. Which your masters don't want known.

Show all here the pics of the limo where you told me that the flag is the man!

Write the piece.


11:15 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

If I am an intel agent, aren't you worried I'll send some goons after you, and screw with you, after you blew my cover????

There's also this-- I published your stuff and sent you money. If I am an intel agent, then you are an intel asset!

But really, mostly you are just an ass. A pathologically paranoid ass.

11:20 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

"Everything you said above is a lie."

I assume even you must realize that that is a false statement.

NO ONE gives a shit about the flag, or your idea that it is a man with a gun.

As far 9/11, most people are in denial or just ignorant. They will never believe the WTC was nuked, no matter how good the evidence is. That sucks, but that is the truth. All this arguing is all just a waste of time.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey A.P. you forgot to call spooked an anti-semite. also you forgot to throw in your favorite obligatory catch phrase "intel filth".

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You promised to do a piece showing the man was the flag. Post the photos. It was important enough for you to send me one pic after another after another after another with your lies.

Your post at 11:20 is the very definition of what an intel agent would say.

And it is also pretty stupid, as I have not not blown your cover.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Spook:

Everyone can see your lie claiming that your Prager post was some sort of praise for me.

What a joke. You are promoting Prager and Fetzer. And you are actually trying to give Prager credibility by throwing in my name.

And soon you will tell people that Prager's book has perty pictures.

I have highlighted how Prager claimed the "neutrons are attracted to metal"--a claim of a new Law of Physics.

And here he blatantly violates copyright law by putting his name on my verbatim work:

Only liars and frauds promote each other. Instead of denouncing liars and frauds.

11:50 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Look, AP-- all I know of Jeff Prager is that interview, and I thought it was good in the sense of being consistent with your work. That blog post, by Fetzer or Prager is bad-- a blatant rip-off, and you should contact them about that. I already noted there was some problem with Prager in my post. I didn't research him beyond the interview and the links I posted. I don't know his full story. That being said, IMO you are jumping to conclusions here about Prager.

I HATE this infighting, and calling each other agents. It is fucking bullshit, and FUCK your attitude. There are lots of reasons for people acting the way they do besides being agents.

I TRY to critique the science, and bring commonality to 9/11. I am much more tolerant of other views on 9/11 than you. I happen to think there are many paths to 9/11 truth, and different things work for different people.

I do this blog in my spare time, and as it is, it is a big time away from my work and other things that are also important for my family. I don't have time to research every thing I post thoroughly; it just takes too much time. Obviously I didn't research Prager before posting my review of the interview. I was EXCITED that someone else is promoting WTC nukes who seemed decent.

As it is, you are trying to alienate everyone who promotes nukes. What good is that going to do????

1:18 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

"You promised to do a piece showing the man was the flag. Post the photos. It was important enough for you to send me one pic after another after another after another with your lies."

When did I promise this?

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are such a fraud. And all your excuses have gotten real old.

You don't research anything. You promote all the proven frauds and intel agents.

Wood, Baker, Fetzer, Prager.

I made clear here and at my blog, Prager's crap about "neutrons attract metal." A lying, plagiarizing perp proclaiming he knows the Physics.

I made clear that he is inserted to destroy the nuke 911 fact. Not to promote it.

Only frauds and intel agents promote each other.

E.g., 3 seconds of watching the gif at my blog makes it clear that Greer killed Kennedy. Only a moron or an intel agent would pretend that Fetzer is other than an intel agent. With all his book shaving the sole Op of "anyone could have done it except the one who clearly did."

I wrote from the beginning that with JFK, 99.% of "experts" are intel. And that I knew it would turn out to be the same re "911truth."

All your actions, of which I have so far outlined only a handful, make you clear. It is above.

Your piece on Prager has the same stench that the Fetzer interview has. You both find excuses for each time that Prager lies and distorts. Instead of denouncing him for merely stealing my stuff and ALTERING it!!

The Op from all of you is clear and it stinks.

RE your flag man, when you were sending me one bullshit photo after another after another, you said you can or will prove that the man is "really" the flag.

Post the photos and prove it.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I write this now for others.

The Op that intel perps have is always to spread nonsense.

And whenever anything is deinitive they must bury it and distort it!!

The definitive things include:

The man in front of the JFK lead car rear.

The Zero Interaction Physics with my showing all that is there is merely less and less of a silhouette of a plane pasted against a tower image.

And my detailing how EMP caused the cars to heat up, catch fire and have the door explode off of it and hit Ondrovic.

It is Prager's Op to lie and distort that. And fellow perps to enable his lies and distortions. I called him on his lies and bogus physics. His buds have done the opposite--they give him carte blanche to lie and distort--and still promote him. But the book published under his name has perty pictures.


2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Spooked is acting like he hasn't read my blog piece on the Prager Op it copy it here.
Copyright 2012 Anonymous Physicist

Like clockwork, the Spooks come out of the woodwork with their gatekeeping and distortions. Now a perp named Prager who takes my work and flagrantly violates my copyright at blogs, forums and in a book published under his name to laughably claim to be an expert on the nuking of the WTC. He is promoted now by the other Spooks: Spooked911, Fetzer, Duff, etc.

This Prager perp for the last few years had posted at blogs that 911 was about money matters, and also has numerous places where he posted the usual “the world is run by Zionists/Jews/Isrealis/Mossad etc.” (The usual Op-Plan orchestrated by London, Rome and beyond, often with Langley, etc as the intermediary.

and here:

Here this vermin took my published work and verbatim attributes it to himself:

Now the Prager Perp, with publicity from the other intel assets declares himself the expert on the nuking of the WTC. I painfully listened to the Fetzer interview to hear what he would be gatgekeeping. He invents a new physical force. This creep spoke about neutrons causing some cars to catch fire for no apparent reason that I definitively wrote about.

He said the “neutrons were attracted to metal.”

Now the truth is that neutrons are neutral and basically the only force they are involved in—the strong nuclear force—operates only at distances on the order of the diameter of the nucleus itself. Any alleged neutrons, if they could have come out of the tower would not be able to detect metal in the distance and head toward them. We have a moron pretending to know some physics and promoted by someone who is supposed to be knowledgeable in the philosophy of science.

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

continued, Copyright 2012 Anonymous Physicist

As I wrote, it was ONLY EMP from nukes that caused some of the cars to catch fire for no apparent reason, and the door of one car to fly off and hit EMT Ondorovic. So we see this ASSet is sent in to lie and fails miserably, pretending to know some physics. Neutrons are not “attracted to metal.” And it was only EMP, not neutrons that did that. The neutrons vaporized much in the towers, but likely they gave up their energy to what they vaporized well inside the towers, and did not appreciably exit the tower. It was not neutrons that did that to cars. I also proved this when I wrote that the people would have been fried by the neutrons and they weren’t.

The Prager Perp’s Op is to combine the lies of Wood, and Tahil (who promoted the nonsense that neutrons did that to cars outside the towers, as well as the impossibility that it was nuclear reactors that became nuclear bombs) into some nonsensical nuclear 911 scenario that is easily negated by others.

He also took my information on Patricia Ondrovic and alters it greatly and invents other stuff. She was an EMT at the WTC that witnessed several EMP events as detailed in my book. The Prager perp instead calls her a nurse. These 2 things show that his repeating several times how he has “read so much on 9/11” indicates that he either didn’t, or the book was written for him, and he is just the public front man for all the lies in the book published under his name. That book steals material from me and then to have many meaningless pretty pictures—part of the Wood/Spooked911 Op to promote pretty pictures that hide the truth.

He said many other stupid things; “Professor Emeritus” he pronounced as emerEYEtus, indicating little or no University experience. Fetzer repeatedly helped this idiot out. He also corrected him when Prager got Lenin’s quote wrong about leading the opposition. When the Prager Perp seemed to start to rail against the no planes aspect and the fakery, Fetzer only helped him out again, instead of denouncing his idiocy and lack of knowledge. Note that Fetzer, in his interviews of Wood, numerous times previously said she completely solved the 911 riddle with the DEW nonsense. Of course, Fetzer’s first big Op was to hide the fact the SS Agent Greer killed President Kennedy and to proclaim the usual: "anyone but Greer did it." Fetzer obviously promotes who his master tells him to at the moment. And Spooked911 in his piece likewise apologizes for Prager's lies and misdeeds.

Now clearly the intel agencies are getting into 911 nuking with their ASSets. And while they talked about the dust, it was all to hide my definitive work on the smallest dust particle size, which I showed was fraudulently stated, in journal article by the regime's engineer to be much larger than was found. And this finding by me, as well as proving all the bogus science and math in those equations was definitve and is in my 9/11 book. And all 3 books are now in their 2nd Edition.

He was/is a joke of an “expert”, a joke of an interview, a monstrosity regarding all who are promoting the Prager perp, instead of my books. Those of you who are real will promote my work, not a liar and plagiarizer, who again tries to invent a new force of nature—just like Wood and Jones. And hide the EMP and much else, to confuse and confound and to actually negate the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I just re-read your horrible post.

"Prager explains the paper phenomenon at the WTC as being poor targets for the high energy neutrons from the nuclear devices -- whereas steel and water-containing objects (people) were much more strongly affected."

And you put that shit right after my name!

As detailed above and in my book etc., no neutrons did that. that was all EMP. No neutron fluxes left the towers, and neutrons would have vaporized the paper and people if they were there.

I am disgusted at how a fraud is promoted by Fetzer and Spooked.

Too disgusted to say more now.

4:10 AM  
Blogger spooked said...


man, your schtick is getting REALLY old.

Yeah, EVERYONE who posts on the internet is an intel agent! Except for you!

Yeah, every mistake everyone ever makes talking about 9/11 is BECAUSE THEY ARE AN AGENT!!!

And you NEVER make mistakes!

Because that would mean you are an AGENT!

I MUST BE AN AGENT, because I share things here that I find interesting, and always don't do background research on them.

I MUST BE AN AGENT, because I juxtaposed your pen name with something you found objectionable.

I MUST BE AN AGENT, because I got excited that someone else was promoting mini-nukes at the WTC, and they didn't even say anything about Israel.

I MUST BE AN AGENT, because I have promoted your work for years, and have even sent you money for your ridiculously over-priced books!

I MUST BE AN AGENT, because I felt bad when you complained about your poor finances and ill health, and offered to pay you for writing, and then did pay you several hundred dollars.

SOMEONE MUST BE AN AGENT, because they talk about 9/11 being about money, rather than going deeper into really esoteric conspiracy matters.

You are the only honest person who ever posts on 9/11!

Yeah... that's the ticket!

Frankly, AP, your extreme paranoia is sad. I really can't see how you could ever expect to win people to your side-- assuming that is what you even want.

8:09 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

This exchange is also very depressing, because I feel like this whole outburst against me damages your credibility, and I have steadfastly supported you over the years.

9:10 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

According to Patricia Ondrovic's Linked In profile, she is an authorized Red Cross instructor, though that that is not what she was on 9/11 or her top skill:

9:12 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

As far as the high energy neutrons, I thought that it was an interesting and plausible explanation for the high amount of paper that survived the destruction of the tower.

It makes sense that high energy neutrons would pass through paper without doing much damage but could hit water or steel, and release a lot of energy, causing an explosion or meltdown.

I don't think EMP could melt down an engine block. I'm not sure what bombs would have gone off so close to a fire engine, unless it went off next to the base of the towers.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AP! Goodbye and good riddance.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since you use language that you nsay is banned, so will I.

No, Fuck you for being an intel agent.

You learned well at Langley or elsewhere.

You are adept at trying to change the subject.

Intel Spook:

The subjects are:

1. Your giving yourself away with your creation of Flagman. This is clearly a man, and not a flag. And then your telling me I "cracked up, if I can't see this is "just a flag." 100% certain you are intel from your Flagman lies.

And any honest people here will wait till hell freezes over for you to post the 2 photos trying to prove the man is a flag.

2. Your intel, foul actions about the "Zero Interaction Physics" saying that was too complex for you or anyone else to understand, when it is simple.

3. Your continued pushing of Wood, Baker, and other fellow intel filth is also telling.

4. Everything else you say is also a lie.

More continued below.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5. You are not a physicist, you don't know physics. Yet you--like the other fellow, intel agent Fetzer--push a plagiarizing, obvious lying POS who obviously doesn't know physics.

And your continued excuses for pushing him, out you even more as both intel and an idiot.

The laws of physics, and of nuclear reactions, are not something a trio of intel (non-physicist) schmucks can deem "sounds logical".

You don't vet someone like that unless you are a retard, insane or intel.

It seems in your case, ALL THREE.

Your excuses here have gotten real old.

You had time to listen to the 2 hours of bullshit. You could have taken a few seconds to look up that lying non-physicist!

You are such a total fraud.

Now address the 5 points made.

Don't evade and go into other lies.

Show the 2 photos, intel perp.

"We got one of them now!"

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And being registered with the Red Cross does not make you a nurse, Your fellow intel agent called her a nurse. She is an EMT.

And you are still making excuses for your fellow intel agent. Because the Op is to push this fellow perp.

You only show again how you only care to lie and twist EVERYTHIING.

Like the intel creature you are.



12:11 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

AP dude--

You are losing it. I don't need to prove anything.

I posted your idiotic piece with your photo of the limo, where you say there is a man coming out of a manhole with a rifle or bazooka.

You had your say on this blog, I didn't censor your piece.

Here's the link:

By all means, spread that piece far and wide, and show the world your genius!

Your "zero interaction physics" piece was also idiotic, because all you did was assert the same thing that I and others had been saying for years and put some new name on it. Big fucking deal. But I didn't censor that piece either. You had your say. You can now promote your piece and your new blog to your heart's content.

2:30 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Oooh, I just realized I posted the 33rd comment. You know what that means!

2:35 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

"And any honest people here will wait till hell freezes over for you to post the 2 photos trying to prove the man is a flag."

This doesn't even make sense! Why would you want me to do that? What does it show?

CURRENTLY, your piece is standing unopposed.


2:44 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

AP dude--

I honestly don't understand what my great sin was that offended you so. I published ALL of your stuff. I turned off comments for you. I paid you to publish some pieces. I bought your books. I have promoted your work for years.

How does it POSSIBLY make sense to that I am an agent sent to discredit your work?

Because I disagreed with some of your stuff in private emails? That makes NO sense.

Because I post lots of different things here, and often post stuff without much or any vetting?

You damn well knew what kind of site I had here before you asked to post, and all the years I put up your stuff.

You damn well know I don't have extensive time to research things.

Because I've posted things here from other people who you think are intel? You knew damn well that I did that for years here too, while I also posted your stuff, and I present a lot of things here for the sake of debate. So that argument is BS too.

Seriously, the meltdown you have shown here makes no sense at all, and only reflects badly on you.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"""1. Your giving yourself away with your creation of Flagman. This is clearly a man, and not a flag. And then your telling me I "cracked up, if I can't see this is "just a flag."""

nobody gives a shit if it's a man or a flag except the one and only person on the internet who is not an intel-filth(AP). frankly it does not look like a man or a flag.

and it seemed like spooked only said that you "cracked up" AFTER you(AP) began your childish ridiculous tirade. but what do i know, since i am obviously an intel agent as well. moron(AP).

oh, and by the way everybody, do go to AP's blog and note the only 2 comments - 1 from an israeli agent and the other obviously written by AP himself.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every word from Spook, aka Flagman henceforth, is a lie.

Verbatim quotes after I sent in the piece on JFK Assassination including noting the man in front of the rear of the lead car:

“you may want to rethink this-- the object may be the flag on the front of the car, see here:” and he attached a stupid photo of the JFK limo.

Later when I objected to his lunacy, he wrote:

"“It's definitely the flag, try this picture:”

and he attached another stupid photo of the JFK limo.

And now he is denying he said those things. More lies.

AS Jim Garrison said about another Spook: We got one of them now!

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And James H, if that was an Israeli agent, [certainly seems like an agent for agent Khalezov] maybe we can see if he has a sister for you?

So you can get another one of them thar fictitious "fat, Jewish wives."

And idiot, my blog just started 2-3 days ago.

This place has been going for 8 years or so. What do I see: about 3 commenters?

One is you which doesn't count. But interesting how Spook writes things over the years with you in mind.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

moron. and i did indeed have a jewish wife and she did indeed tell me to tell you to kiss her fat jew ass.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure.

You are in the right place for lying all the time.

Now how about answering the real question, if you can get jews out of your brain for a sec.

Is that a flag or a man?

Don't evade the issue.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i already said it doesn't look like a flag or a man. it is a non issue except to you and spooked.
you should go and suck on a thermometer some more.

10:01 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

The fact is that in better quality images of that picture, you can see braiding and the overall shape looks like a fluttering flag. There was flag with a braid hanging down on the limo at that precise spot. And it's just kind of ridiculous, based on that one photo, to say there's a man sticking out of a manhole right in front of the car, not to mention to say he has a rifle or bazooka.

I want to clarify one other thing-- which is that I could spend two hours listening to the Prager interview because I could download it and listen to it on my mobile phone, and listen to it while I did other things such as drive. And I listened to it over a couple of days. I do not have 2 hours of spare time to listen or watch anything, usually. But I was genuinely excited to see someone else reasonable promoting mini-nukes, and so I posted this interview quickly before I went to work, and added my thoughts. Note, I was not 100% enthusiastic about what Prager said. But I thought it was close enough to APs theory to post here. And for fuck's sake, AP SHOULD know about what Prager said, so what is the crime posting the interview????

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James proves what we already know, he obviously does not care about the Kennedy Assassination and the destruction of the American democracy, if no Jews were involved.

If there are no Jews to count, the event does not matter.

Oh, excuse me, Duff or others say that the Mossad did it after all. So maybe Flagman was a Mossad agent.

Hint to retards: Already mentioned many times.

Anything Mossad does anywhere, which is very little compared to Langley, London etc--is all under orders from MI6.

10:59 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

One other thing-- about me saying govt is mostly good. Notice AP didn't give a link to that, so I'm not even sure what he's referring to. Obviously the US govt has done horrible horrible things. But it has done good things and has some decent programs even today. Probably what I meant about the govt being mostly good, is that the majority of bureaucrats and soldiers who work in the govt are mostly good people. I should also point out that since I have evolved over the years on this as well, at some point I did think that the govt and military was mostly good except for a few rogue bad actors who did things like 9/11. Now I realize there is a more systemic problem with the govt.

I know this won't convince AP but I just want to be perfectly honest about these issues, and explain some of the issues that AP says show that I am an agent.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My objections to Spooked praising Prager and for giving him a pass for his lying, plagiarizing, and attempting to create new Laws of physics and negate the EMP evidence is all above, and I need not repeat.

A few seconds of searching would have revealed his being the usual intel agent/asset pushing the "zionist control of the world" nonsense [instead of the London, Rome and beyond control--because he is an agent of these], his background in physics being the publisher of Senior magazine--that's right, no background in physics, and his plagiarizing verbatim my work.

Only took seconds for that to all come up.

Your not knowing physics as well, yet repeating his non-physical nonsense is also very telling.

You elsewhere calling me egotistical or nuts is a joke.

Here YOU are so far gone, and so egomaniacal that you cannot admit to yourself that you don't know physics, and should have checked to see if his "neutrons are attracted to metal" had any validity, before promoting that perp.

And all this should have been clear from who was promoting him.

Fetzer had for years said that Wood and DEW solved 9/11 when there never was anything there.

Re JFK Fetzer has created mounds of stuff to hide what an be seen in seconds in the video.

Again only someone
1. retarded
2. insane
3, a fellow agent

would give Fetzer or Prager a pass, and not see and know what they are.

Only a fellow agent after all the time I had provided explaining things, would actually claim that none of these creeps is intel, when it is so obvious they are.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can find your own post where you said US Govt is mostly good. Not gonna waste my time. Anyone else can find it as well.

I actually tried to post a lengthy comment then, as it was outrageous!!!

It said my post was too long, and when I kept chopping it down somehow it still never allowed my comments.

As I have written all the excuses are so old.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Above I posted Spook's saying the man is definitely a flag, which he had denied saying.

Then he has denied saying I was delusional for not seeing that the man is a flag.

On Dec 14th, he emailed me:

"I think you are seriously deluding yourself about the flag, and it's kind of sad..."

As I wrote, the delusional and sad crap is implying how sad that I cracked up for not being able to see that the man is a flag.

There in his essence, and his own words is Spook.

The very essence of a spook!!!

Saying black is white and demanding others see the world in his fucked up, intel way!!

The very essence of a spook.


11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the whole matter sickens me.

But it is what it is.

Anonymous Physicist.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note also his exact quote-as I see things more clearly now!!

It is worse than I thought!

His quote: "I think you are seriously deluding yourself about the flag, and it's kind of sad..."

Note carefully his quote, he called it a flag. He could have said that quote and used the word "man."

But in his mind he had created that that is definitely a flag, so he was no longer even considering that that was a man or anything but a flag.

See who is delusional and wants others to go along with it?

Pure intel big brother think stuff there.


11:53 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I always said it was a flag, doofus.

Obviously that was my point.

You ARE delusional about it. Anyone can see that now.

I don't remember ever saying I would do a post proving it is a flag. Even if I did, so what?

I never denied saying the other things that were in the email. Fuck, I even sent that email string to you again-- so obviously I know I wrote it! My point was that I didn't specifically say you were "cracked up".

Man, you are just chasing your tail here. You think you have something but it's all just circular delusional bullshit.

2:40 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Hi res version of the Altgens photo:

2:51 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

see the flag on the front left fender of the limo:

2:54 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

So, AP would have us believe that the flag was just gone from this photo from the rear--

-- and instead, that blob on the front left fender of the limo is a man sticking out of a manhole.

Yeah-- that's the ticket!

Why am I even wasting my TIME ON THIS IDIOCY???

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earlier Spook said:
"NO ONE gives a shit about the flag, or your idea that it is a man with a gun."

This after I detailed to him how most books crop the photo so the man is not there. They don't do this for nothing.

And Spook's typical behavior is to ignore a long term researcher completely.

This is what internet shills do.

And people--if anyone is here--you should take the last url and paste it on your browser.

You can see:

1. It is no flag. It is a man who appears to have had his face blackened out.

2. You can see from other photos of the limo that day, that that much larger figure which is a man with his right arm extended--does not begin where the flag on the JFK limo does, and of course it is MUCH LARGER.

Again if Spook were at all honest he would do a post with the 2 photos which people could easily enlarge and all would see that is no flag, that is a man with his right arm extended. And with his face blackened out. So they protected his identity.

That man is the reason most books crop him out of the photo.

Now do the piece--Hell is starting to freeze.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

furthermore there is no flagpole either.

Show us where the flagpole is.

You can't have the flag without the flagpole.

Your invention of the flag to the benefit of the regime is telling.

It's just like DEW or its molecular dissociation clouds. It permeates into anything and everything you need at the time.

In other words pure bullshit.

Show us the flagpole.

Total fraud.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now I see you call the man a "blob."

Now if you are also claiming it is a flag, you are contradicting yourself.

The man has a definitive shape--that of a man, not a flag, not an amorphous blob.


All regime assets are ordered not to call the man a man.

Now he's a blob.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE what you wrote about my Zero Interaction piece. Once again nothing but lies. Oh how you keep changing your stories.

Now you say that my piece is just the same as what everyone else said.

The piece itself can be read to see what is innovative about it. It starts out with simply explaining the crucial difference between the then current “impossible crash physics” and “zero physics” for the tower, the plane and the interaction of the two.

Then the truth is that Spook here kept sending me one email after another after another saying it was too complex for him or anyone to understand. Not the kind of thing one would be doing, if there were nothing new. Of course, it is the kind of thing that ONLY AN INTEL SHILL WOULD BE DOING TO PREVENT SOMETHING SIMPLE, FINAL AND DEFINITIVE FROM BEING PROMULGATED.

Even after I told him I would no longer reply to his non-stop nonsensical emails, he sent me several more, again, with “I can’t understand this… etc.” This from a shill who now pretends to know complex physics regarding neutron fluxes at the WTC!

Yes we see who is a shill and just who is delusional.

And when during the correspondence between us regarding the man in the photo by the Dallas lead car. I told him to stop sending me those stupid photos of the limo and saying that is just the flag, I told him I was not going to put up with this from him again, as I did over the “Zero Interaction” piece, he himself then brought up if I was accusing him of being intel.

Again, we see who is an intel shill and just who is delusional.


12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yes this is all very sad. And no one is sadder than I that these are the facts.

Again from knowing how 99.99% of "JFK researchers, etc" are/were just intel shills, I know from the outset that this might turn out to be the case.

And the truth is I bent over backwards, so to speak, in tolerating much nonsense from Spook--especially the last few years. Though some times again I tried to post, and it didn't let me even when I chopped down my comments.

Again people from the beginning I warned that only Cooper, Skolnick or Stich could be trusted not to be intel. I left myself out, because no one should comment on himself in this regard.

And I left out Spooked as well. Indeed he has never even properly said why a regime-worshipping, money-worshipping, pretty new things worshipping kind of person with a busy job, family etc. would be doing this.

I have detailed what the gestapo regime did to me and why I have done this. And also said I could not stand by when the alternative DEW, thermite etc. hangouts were put out by a corrupt engineer and physicist. And I saw that not one honest physicist on the planet was coming out, I stepped in.

The mercury in my bones and all the proof I have of it being in my body and emplaced throughout my home, is proof of what I am and am not.

Spook OTOH has made things all too clear, especially the last few years.

if you are honest, and you were on the receiving ends of these 2 nauseating sets of emails from a shill revealing himself, you would be utterly disgusted as I am and was.

And no one is sadder than I to see it for what it is!


1:05 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Here are what I said, over several emails, about the Zero Interaction Physics piece, from start to beginning:

1) Btw, I saw you pushing your zero interaction physics piece in the comments (and I agree that "BG" is a waste of time, he never makes any sense, whatever his deal is).

But I went and reread your old piece, and I have to say that for me, your points are not really clear in that article. For instance not sure what the "orange puffball" is and why you think it is painted on. And you keep talking about the tower being pristine but it's not clear what you expect the tower should have looked like-- particularly given the low quality videos we have.

I am just wondering if maybe you could rework that piece.

2) My point is that I am on your side and I still don't get it. If you don't want to change it fine. But no matter how definitive it is to you, it doesn't count if others don't get the significance.

The shock wave thing I can understand, but that was the focus of your earlier piece.

Here you are just claiming the tower and puffballs are painted on CGI, without offering any proof.

3) I just want to make a couple of points:
a) in all seriousness, the reason no one has rebutted your piece is probably because either they haven't read it or that they read it and it didn't make sense to them so they ignored it
b) how can one see the tower damage when the puffballs are in the way? Not to mention we have very low res, low quality videos they've given us that limit what we can possibly see on the tower and debris coming off
c) you can not rule out that the "puffballs" aren't from a real explosion on the tower wall

If you want to drop this, fine. But I don't think you have adequately addressed the last points.

4) I still do not understand why you are so sure the tower and "puffballs" are CGI.

Do you think the aftermath holes in the tower seen in photos are real?

5) But there was no plane, right? So of course there was no tower interaction. The question is why you think the tower and puffballs are CGI.

6) I don't understand why you won't clarify this. You typically have great points, which is why I am not writing this off. But I just don't understand your reasoning here.


So all this took place some time after I had published APs piece!

Any one who might be interested in this for whatever reason, can judge whether (as he says) "Then the truth is that Spook here kept sending me one email after another after another saying it was too complex for him or anyone to understand. Not the kind of thing one would be doing, if there were nothing new. Of course, it is the kind of thing that ONLY AN INTEL SHILL WOULD BE DOING TO PREVENT SOMETHING SIMPLE, FINAL AND DEFINITIVE FROM BEING PROMULGATED."

Keep in mind, I just wanted AP to explain his assertions, and I had already published his piece. I wasn't preventing him from doing anything. I was asking him to make a new more clear piece, so more people might understand it.

Quelle horror!

3:19 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Here is the piece in question:

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 62nd comment hides the truth:

6 divided by 2 = 3 and; 6 x 2 = 12 and reducing the 12 we get 1 + 2 = 3. - The hidden 33.

And, because 3 x 4 = 12 we also have the hidden 34.

Here endith the lesson.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spook--who just a little while ago, wrote that what I had in this article was the same as everyone else's.

"So all this took place some time after I had published APs piece!"
Not how I recall it.

Maybe you will also lie, and say that you published the JFK piece before the argument over your flagman,too?

NOW, the excerpts he posted again prove how he lies all the time. And indicate what was different and what he kept emailing me about, far more than is above.

If I have a record of these old emails, I will post.

Earlier he said he never called me crazy re "flagman". But I posted that he did call me "delusional" for not seeing his non-existent flag.

All lies and distortions, all the time. From the promoter of Wood, Baker, Fetzer, Prager, and who still says the "US Govt is mostly good."


11:32 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

AP-- I said you were deluding yourself about the flag originally. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that this is different from saying you are overall crazy or cracked up. This was my point for some time. However, with all this obsession over the flag and me being an agent, I am really wondering about your general level of delusion. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at all your ridiculous assertions.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone can see that that is a man and not a flag.

Everyone can see who is delusional or far worse.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all those seeking the truth about nuclear weapons being used on 9/11 and finding only obstructionists, I present the following evidence.

The text reads:

The U.S. Customs House stored a large arsenal of firearms at its Six World Trade Center office. During recovery efforts, several handguns were found at Ground Zero, including these two cylindrical gun-casing remains and a revolver embedded in concrete. Fire temperatures were so intense that concrete melted like lava around anything in its path.

And this was in building 6!

Thermate was not the only weapon used on 9/11.

Brought to you by the 9/11 Nukers!

2:25 PM  

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