Humint Events Online: Richard Dolan: UFOs and the National Security State

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Richard Dolan: UFOs and the National Security State

I enjoyed this interview of Dolan with Jim Fetzer -- the whole thing was good*, but the 2nd hour was really good, where they discussed the issue of UFOs being top-secret US craft versus ET in origin, and the fascism brought on by 9/11.

I'm sure that Anonymous Physicist thinks that Dolan is intel, and that I am promoting this interview is more evidence that I am intel too. So be it.

That being said, Dolan does not get much into deep truths, and certainly not "ultimate truths". He deals more with basic academic facts about UFO and history, though he clearly has broken with academia (despite being trained as an academic-- something I can relate to). I do think the fact that university academicians are not willing to seriously study UFOs, when it is such an incredibly important topic, shows the corruption in academia when it comes to anything related to conspiracy.

*The one off-moment was towards the end, when Dolan mentioned astronaut Edgar Mitchell as a proponent of ETs, and said he was a moon-walking astronaut without any sense of irony. It's not clear whether Dolan thinks we went to the moon, but he didn't indicate otherwise...


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