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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Humanoid ETs Living Among Us?

Is this the third rail of UFO-ology?
Ask any UFOlogist about the reality of extraterrestrial life, and you’ll most likely get one of three versions of what is happening. The first is that we have been witnessing UFOs since the mid-1940s that offer abundant physical evidence of other worldly technologies sighted in our skies. This leads to the conclusion that some UFOs are extraterrestrial space vehicles observing our world, especially locations where nuclear weapons were being developed or stored. The second most popular version is that since the early 1960s, short “gray aliens” have been abducting people for genetic experimentation. The third is that some UFOs have crashed, and that strange looking “gray aliens” have been recovered along with advanced technologies for study in classified reverse engineering programs.

Ufology’s three main versions of what is happening with extraterrestrial life is grounded in abundant empirical data. There are tens of thousands of cases from around the world involving physical sightings, radar trackings, photographs, film and testimony of UFO sightings. Similarly, there are thousands of first hand testimonies revealing the existence of alien abductions, and a genetic program conducted by strange looking extraterrestrials with human subjects. Finally, many hundreds of witnesses have come forward to confirm that some UFOs have crashed, and that the technology and occupants have been removed for highly classified study.

All three versions make up what is today known as scientific UFOlogy, and claims that this is as close as one gets to real science when it comes to the question of extraterrestrial visitation. The problem with all three versions of scientific UFOlogy is that they mask something that has long been officially kept hidden from the public. A secret that many leading UFOlogists have actively conspired to keep, along with government agencies encouraging such a process. Human looking extraterrestrials have been visiting our world and making contact with the general public since the beginning of the modern UFO era.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think probably beavis and butthead are alien/human hybrids. how else could they depict back in '94 that arabs (wearing turbans no less) would be flying planes in spirals around each of the twin towers.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The groundbreaking date for the construction of the (Satanic-Star) Pentagon in (L'Enfant/Mason-designed) Washington DC was September 11th, PRECISELY SIXTY YEARS EARLIER!!! Yup, and sixty years to the day before Neo's passport's expiration date in THE MATRIX.

Beavis and Butthead's evil creators (cleefully elebrating the dumbing down of American youth) were just a tiny few of many occult-indoctrinated insiders who knew what was coming.

No planes. No Hijackers. Fake Videos. Emtpy Towers. Fake Victims.

But huge numbers of REAL DEATHS in the wars soon to be "justified" by this collossal, Mossad-assisted FALSE FLAG.

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my bad i've been laboring under the illusion that beavis and butthead were not only real guys but actually alien hybrids.
huh, learn something new every day.

4:13 AM  

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