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Monday, August 13, 2012

Blast from the Past from the Late Gerard Holmgren

I found this old email the other day-- I guess I had asked him about his BTS database anomaly, where it showed that flights 11 and 77 never took off (or weren't even schedule to fly on 9/11).

His response:
I’m relating a personal experience here, so this is only hearsay from your POV, so you can believe it or not, but FWIW…

When I was in SF, I met a guy who was a pilot for a major international airline and flew the big planes.

Without giving him any clue why, I started to quiz him about the flight data recording process. Over a year later, I can’t recount the exact details, but it was highly automated and very precise.

I then asked him whether it would be feasible to manually alter or implant such data retrospectively without it being obvious, and leaving unexplainable discrepancies. He said that it would be almost impossible, and if it could be done at all, it would require a conscious coordinated conspiracy from the highest official to the lowest clerk.

Finally, he looked at me curiously and asked my why I was so interested in this. So I told him. He didn’t look at all surprised, commenting that the hijacking story was complete BS, an absurdity which no-one who worked in the airlines believed.

Perhaps his use of “no-one” is an enthusiastic exaggeration on his part, but you get the general idea.

OK, this is me telling you what someone else told me. But again it fits perfectly with what can verify.

About a week after I made the BTS findings public, the BTS shut down the database, and then moved it to a new location without leaving a forwarding address – highly unusual behavior for a govt dept, and one which implies consciousness of guilt.

They then – 10 months later, they got around to include the flights as scheduled – which would be the easiest part – but still show them as not taking off. So even the BTS can’t “hack” its own data enough to put the flight data in.

Even worse, they’ve made more clangers in the attempted cover up. They’ve included a note that the data for the hijacked flights is not available because they were hijacked – but it actually is there for the two UA flights.

And even though the detailed departure stats now show 11 and 77 as scheduled but cancelled, the summary stats still show no such flights scheduled.

Some have made the absurd suggestion that they deliberately left them out, to create a false lead for skeptics and then pounce with the data, once someone fell for it.

The very foundation of such a suggestion is absurd and intellectually dishonest, and I won’t go into that unless someone asks, but just skipping over the absurdity of stage 1 of that claim…

Wouldn’t the time to pounce have been after I published the findings ? Instead they just incriminate themselves further with the clumsy attempt at cover up described above? Perhaps they’re just stringing us along a bit more ? For another 2 and a bit years?

Furthermore, why wasn’t it leaked to someone more high profile, rather than waiting for someone to stumble across it ?

This requires one to believe

a) That I’m lying about how discovered it (see below) and that someone “tipped me off” – someone who was already marginalized for my support of the no plane evidence – why use me ?

b) That after tipping me off, they made no effort to build it up, considering that the “movement “ just met me with another storm of ridicule and denial.

Because – again you can believe me or not – but I’ll tell you how I found it.

I found a lot of huge discrepancies in early media reports about which plane went where and when. So I got curious and wondered if somewhere there was an old backed up archive of flight schedules for the airlines – like old versions of booking schedules that you can find on the net when you want to book a flight.

It never occurred to me that the flights didn’t exist. I just wanted to find out when they actually took off.

So I searched around the UA and AA websites, looking for any sign of old booking archives, and looked through google searches, hoping to find something cached , which might give me a clue. Nothing.

But the UA website has a link to BTS on it, which at the time I had no idea of what it was. I just clicked on the link to see what was there, and of course , once I realized what it was, I realized I had struck gold.

When I found that flights were not even scheduled, I went over and over it, thinking that surely I had made some mistake. When I was finally sure that I hadn’t, I sent out an email to some people asking them to check for themselves and make sure that I hadn’t missed something.

That’s how the BTS got discovered. It hardly fits the profile of the govt planting disinfo in order to discredit skeptics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting message from a
very fine researcher.

Thanks for posting this, and do roach
around some more to see what otheer gems may yet reside in your email.

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