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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Us Versus Them

Another layer of control, related to "Mean World Syndrome":
Throughout history, political elites have manipulated social groups to achieve and maintain power. Turning “us against them” has sadly been a primary tactic employed by rulers or would be rulers since the dawn of history. Near the start of Europe’s colonial age, colonizers constructed “us and them” categories called races that have become a terrible permanent part of human culture. Throughout the industrial era, factory owners have pitted “us against them” to divide workers so that they would not organize unions. And in the last two generations Republicans have masterfully used wedge politics-- pitting us against them -- to gain and keep power and to implement policies that a clear majority of the populace dislikes, but apparently cannot find any effective way to change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an extremely important post,
and it is indeed difficult to see how
the majority will ever have its views and desires prevail over "them".


9:12 PM  

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