Humint Events Online: George Carlin on Conservation and Saving the Planet

Sunday, September 23, 2012

George Carlin on Conservation and Saving the Planet

This was one of the most annoying George Carlin bits I've ever seen:

It's just so wrong headed-- not so much about the planet being more powerful than humans, but the idea that humans can't totally fuck up the ecology of this planet and destroy most life if given the chance.  And what is so funny about trying to save species that we are killing off as we take over the planet?  I really think he was way off base here, and it caters too much to USA-fuck-yeah conservative idiocy that we can just do whatever we like to the planet and it doesn't matter because humans are going to die off and be replaced by something else and the planet will "heal itself".

Personally, I think humans will be around for a long long time, but we do have to get our shit together and NOT destroy the ecosystem.

The idea that the whole purpose of humans is to create plastic for the planet is funny, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off Topic

Given how easy it is to steal an election, why is it that the Dem. party hasn't already begun a huge PR initiative to warn the public about
that? The GOP has a history of stealing recent elections and MSM is doing its best to make the election appear to be a close one -
which is very helpful if theft is
being planned.

2012 election theft: what up with

7:03 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

It's a good question, though I'm not sure it will be that close this year and they need it to be close to really steal it without too many questions being asked. I guess one thought I've heard is that the Dems don't want to come across as being conspiracy theorist and also there's the whining factor. There certainly is talk about election theft in some liberal circles though. The bigger immediate worry, which has gotten a fair amount of attention are the GOP vote suppression laws in various states. In one sense, Romney is so comically bad, it's just hard to see him winning, on the other, you wonder if Romney is a planned op to make sure Obama stays in because the PTB want to keep him in office.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PTB are very happy with Obama. He's done nothing to upset or disappoint any of the pillars: upper class, industry, Pentagon, intelligence services, Bill of Rights haters, organized religion or the vices industrial complex. Not even
the NPR crowd!

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney couldnt even win the nomination over the corpse McCain, or earn a VP spot...yet here he is again somehow the best the GOP can they couldnt find some slick young 40 something with slightly brown skin to actually, you know, stand a chance of beating cool Barry...the whole thing is a joke...of course the PTB are perfectly happy with BHO...he's doing a great job at pretending to be in charge...besides in this day and age 4 year terms dont make much sense....too much work rearranging offices...there hasnt been a one term president since Bush Sr....and really thats not accurate because he was VP for ultimate puppet Reagan for 8 years before that and before that at top levels of's obvious to most at this point that more than half of a 4 year term is spent on re-election.....THe PTB have a semi-black guy with a muslim name in the oval office doing their bidding right as they're trying to rearrange the Muslim's like a dream come true....

4:57 PM  

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