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Saturday, September 22, 2012

War Is the #1 Evil In the World

Every war, every military struggle for power, allows for every possible horrible evil to be manifested by man on his fellow man. War also allows a justification and a rationalization for this evil, that the victor can either prosecute against the loser or ignore by the winner. War warps the mind of the soldier, desensitizes them to killing and suffering, allows extreme pyschopathy to flourish.  War causes endless horrible suffering to everything in its way.

Why do we have war then?

Because of fucking evil psychopaths who promote war-- either because they are pure evil beings, or because they are psychopaths who care more about money than killing people or because they are numb and ignorant to the suffering they cause.  Warmongerers are the worst people imaginable.  Warmongerers are the evil fucks who did 9/11 and who killed JFK.

Anyone who ever promotes war is a psychopath who deserves to be locked in a mental institution.

All national leaders are psychopaths in some form or another-- the USA is no different and in many ways worse.

Unfortunately, such psychopathy in our leaders typically goes unheeded by the common man, who is easily manipulated by fear or appeals to religion or bigotry.

We need to stop war as a species.

Please do whatever you can to stop war, whenever you can, wherever you can, however you can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's almost always the money.

In our country the only practical way
to prevent wars is to punish politicians who vote to appropriate money to launch wars and who do not
propose and attempt to pass legislation to drastically reduce the size of our military...personnel and weapons systems.

Go to the polls and vote Third party.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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