Humint Events Online: Another Gun Massacre-- 20 Little Kids

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Gun Massacre-- 20 Little Kids

Just gets worse and worse.

Obviously, Americans are hopeless about gun control.

But one thing we CAN do something about is inequality.  It is actually a huge driver of violence in every society examined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people and the wack jobs that are pushing for gun control have zero idea of what they are talking about. If you put an AR-15 one room, and a person in another room, Which one is more likely to hunrt itself first. My bet is on the person. These people say they want to outlaw the ammo for assault rifles but hunting rifles are okay. They don't understand that they are the same ammo. If something gets shot with a hunting round it IS GOING to do more daman=ge than a FMJ pistol round. They are designed to take down a 400 lb animal in one shot. All if these criminals don't care if the gun is illegal or not they are still going to posses them and the goverment is telling us that we do not have a right to defend ourselves.

2:40 PM  

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