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Friday, March 01, 2013

So I Think the WTC Was Nuked...

but I really don't have a lot of trouble understanding why people might not want to accept that idea, or at least publicly proclaim it. (I am talking particularly about people who are not into conspiracies or who are hearing about the nuking for the first time. People who are more familiar with the evidence and conspiracy in general, are a different story.)

Yet Judy Wood and friends put out an incredibly vague theory about the destruction of the WTC, something involving free energy technology, and refuse to give ANY details on the physics involved.  At the same time, they just CAN'T seem to COMPREHEND why they aren't taken seriously.

The hilarious thing would be is if some sort of novel beam weapon technology WAS used to destroy the WTC, and Judy Wood is actually a psy-ops plant to try to turn people away from that idea.

Of course, her theory is so vague, it basically encompasses newer generation nuclear bombs-- which is what I think happened.  Furthermore, most of the "dustification of the WTC" and EMP  phenomena are best explained by nuclear bombs.  Yet, for some reason, she doesn't seem to want to accept that idea.

As I've noted before, the whole Wood business is just very freaky.

Too many freaky people in this business, which is one reason why I have decided to spend less time on this stuff than I used to.


Blogger Muddy Walters said...

Have you heard this Pete Santilli/Gordon Duff conversation?

Gordon Duff all but confirms that Judy Wood is right, in this conversation Pete Santilli released without Duff's permission. At the very least, Duff confirms the existence of such vague weapons. Duff is not the final word on anything (I certainly don't fully trust him--if only because he is still very much an insider of some sort), but Veterans Today is obviously one of the more prominent outlets that has pushed the view that the Twin Towers were nuked.

I'll admit, I don't get a good vibe from Santilli at all. I don't like him. But I think this conversation is quite interesting and raises some very serious questions. (I am not convinced Duff actually threatened Santilli in any sense during this conversation.)

For all I know, every prominent or quasi-prominent (yourself? haha) figure in alternative media, whistleblower, etc. is really disinfo. and I'm too dumb to recognize it. At least it beats getting my news from CNN.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous InfoNuke said...

For all those seeking the truth about nuclear weapons being used on 9/11 and finding only obstructionists, I present the following evidence.

The text reads:

The U.S. Customs House stored a large arsenal of firearms at its Six World Trade Center office. During recovery efforts, several handguns were found at Ground Zero, including these two cylindrical gun-casing remains and a revolver embedded in concrete. Fire temperatures were so intense that concrete melted like lava around anything in its path.

And this was in building 6!

Thermate was not the only weapon used on 9/11.

Collapsing buildings do not leave 60 foot craters!

Brought to you by the 9/11 Nukers!

2:57 PM  

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