Humint Events Online: Boston Marathon Bombing Now a Clear Covert Operation

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Now a Clear Covert Operation

Tsarnaev brothers = classic patsies

Terror professionals (intel/military personnel) plant real bombs, hidden in guise of "terrorism drill" known to be going on.

Tsarnaevs may have--
1) been completely innocent bystanders and framed
2) may have thought they were part of a sting operation (unlikely they were knowing participants in terror drill)
3) may have planted crude bombs that never went off (possibly the other devices that were reportedly found and never went off-- later said to not be bombs)

I tend to like #3-- FBI may have found out about brothers' plot, and knew Tsarnaevs couldn't make good bombs, so FBI/intel used this as an excuse to set off really powerful bombs for a real terrorist strike and frame Tsarnaevs.

A new disturbing development though, is the apparent attempt to blame Alex Jones for Tsarnaev's radicalization. This mysterious "Misha" person could be an intel handler though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

problem with your theory #3:

both tsarnaevs were photographed leaving the marathon WITH their backpacks STILL on their backs, so they didn't plant anything.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a photo of the tsarnaevs leaving the scene with a visible backpack yet. The only pic I know is the one with dzhokhar running away. there is one video one youtube in which they claim that he has his backpack still on in this pic but I can't see it. there's another video that claims that the backpack disappeared via photoshop. I don't know.

Now they claim that the alleged craft guys were of the national guard civil service team unit:
... and never mind that craft cap. need one? of course such a bomb drill with lots of suspicious persons is a great camouflage for anyone planting real explosives -a lot of distraction. they wouldn't need dozens of guys to plant real explosives, a couple guys would be enough and that would make more sense since they apply the "need to know" theory.

a couple of things make me think that 3.) doesn't apply. one thing is that dzhokhar is dressed in a way that makes it easy to identify him. his haircut is visible, then he wears a white cap which stands out like a light bulb in a crowd. If I were to place explosives in acrowd were people take photos, I would dress in a more stealthy way. then there are those right wing nuts who make a big issue out of the the fact that dzokhar talked about popping fireworks and making some damage with his stoner buddies: To me that only proves that dzhokhar is a teenager who loves to blow things up with fireworks like many others do. he would be very stupid to brag about this on twitter if he were planning a terrorist act but you never know. The islamophobics think that that was a trial run.

I find it interesting to read a timeline like this which mentions a lot of things about the bombing we have already forgotten about.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... these odd pictures of dzhokars cap with a "3" on its side in one pic and a "2" in two other pics, that is "322" - skull and bones?

there is also the cap of the alleged national guard guy or "the craft" guy with the skull on it. that cap of "the craft" is probably an allusion to freemasonry aka "the craft".

tamerlan got killed on april 19th, which marks the beginning of a 13 day period of a blood sacrifice to "the beast".

5:40 PM  

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