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Friday, April 26, 2013

The 11 Most Mystifying Things the Tsarnaev Brothers Did

Not exactly geniuses here:
1. Wear a backwards hat and no sunglasses. Unlike his older brother, Dzhokhar made little effort to prevent cameras from capturing his face, making him easier to identify when the FBI released security camera photos on Thursday. Indeed, classmates at University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth did see him in the photos, but dismissed the similarity because it seemed so far-fetched.
2. Not react to the explosions. For three days, investigators pored over all available photos and surveillance videos of the blast area searching for abnormal reactions. The complaint filed in federal court on Monday specifically cites Dzhokhar's reaction to the first explosion as a giveaway; per the complaint, he glanced in the direction of the first blast only briefly.
3. Leave the car in the shop. The Wall Street Journal reported that Dzhokhar stopped by an auto-body shop in Watertown on Tuesday to pick up the Mercedes he'd brought in for repairs.
4. Stay in Boston. The second bomb exploded at 2:49 p.m. last Monday. Tamerlan carjacked a Mercedes at 10:39 p.m.* on Thursday. What did they do in the interim three days? Go to the gym, check in on their busted car, and, in Dzhokhar's case, go to a party on the UMass–Dartmouth campus. During the three-day window in which their involvement was unknown, they made no attempt to flee. 
5. Kill an MIT police officer. Why did the brothers shoot 26-year-old Sean Collier? The murder at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday set in motion the events that would ultimately lead to their capture.
6. Run out of cash. When Tamerlan carjacked a Mercedes on Thursday night, he and his brother had one thing in mind: Get cash, and fast. They emptied $800 from an ATM using their victim's PIN number, before they reached the account limit. Holding up a stranger for money suggests a woeful lack of planning on their part (they hadn't budgeted) that helped alert them to the authorities.
7. Not understand how ATMs work. After reaching the daily withdrawal limit at one ATM, the Tsarnaevs, apparently not realizing that the machines are part of an interconnected system, decided to try their luck at two different machines. The quest to find a working ATM was how they ended up, coincidentally, at a 7/11 in Cambridge around the same time it was the scene of an armed robbery, and were spotted on the store security camera.
8. Confess to the hostage. According to the complaint, when Dzhokhar got into the Mercedes, he immediately told the driver, "Did you hear about the Boston explosion? I did that." That meant their cover would be immediately blown if the driver escaped.
9. Stop for snacks. The Los Angeles Times reported that the hostage escaped after the brothers stopped at a gas station on Memorial Drive to buy snacks.
10. Keep the hostage's phone. The Tsarnaevs continued on without their hostage—but they did have his phone, which allowed police to track their location via GPS.
11. Bring a BB gun. The weapons used by the two suspects, according to police: a pressure-cooker bomb, seven IEDs, an M4 carbine, two handguns, and a BB gun. Why a BB gun?
Some of this pattern fits two guilty guys who thought they got away with it, but then realized they had been identified and lamely, very lamely tried to get away.

I suppose all of this could be written off to extreme stupidity. But then the question, as always in these cases, if someone is capable of putting together functional bombs and carrying out a successful attack, how stupid could they really have been? And surely they must have known there was a manhunt out for them after the bombing. So the lack of planning for an escape is dumb, dumb, dumb.

I guess one possibility is they were really innocent but were brainwashed/programmed to think they had done the bombing, maybe at some point after their faces were ID'ed.  Then they freaked out.

Or they were programmed to do the bombing and given prepared devices, but then not given any instructions afterwards and so acted totally randomly. Maybe this is most likely?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Or they were programmed to do the bombing and given prepared devices, but then not given any instructions afterwards and so acted totally randomly. Maybe this is most likely?" it is possible that mind control was involved. There are a lot of declassified documents of mind control projects, many projects were about creating remote controlled terrorists.

There are some interesting points in that cited article, but the official story is full of contradictions and lies - so no one can tell what of the mentioned facts actually did happen. It is hard to conclude anything from that. Maybe the carjacking didn't happen. The chinese "Danny" (he even gave an interview) had a mercedes SUV but the brothers also had one. Maybe the carjacking didn't happen. Maybe they didn't kill the MIT officer. Maybe they tried to get money from their own bank account and found out that it got blocked (by the FBI), thought this is a technical disorder, that the machine misreads the card and they tried another machine because of that.

One interesting fact which I don't doubt is that the brothers didn't have an EXIT strategy. Now that would be very stupid (if they did the bombing). The mother of the two brothers said that Tamerlan called her to tell her that the FBI told him he's a suspect. His reaction was to tell them "that is your problem!" - weird?! But after all the mother could be talking shit as well.

"Some of this pattern fits two guilty guys who thought they got away with it, but then realized they had been identified and lamely, very lamely tried to get away."

There are reports of the younger brother being a bit nervous the day after the bombing, like the car mechanic who was interviewed. So maybe he knew something strange was going on. Maybe these guys were acting as the terrorists in the bomb drill, maybe they were a bit scared, maybe their FBI handlers told them everything is fine in the beginning. maybe they already had a creepy feeling. It is odd for a terrorist to have his car for repair in a situation when he might have to get away fast. There are a lot of things that just don't add up.

As far as the official narrative is concerned: everything we can not verify is pretty likely to be incorrect. All the gossip about the brothers in the mainstream media is propaganda.

The claim that they didn't react to the explosion is false too. Dzhokhar ran like a rabbit after the bomb went off, it seemed like he was the first to leave the scene.

there are a lot of unsolved questions. It is interesting how they always change the narrative. First the said the younger brother tried to kill himself, and that he fired from the boat. Then they admitted he was unarmed. That reminds me of the alleged capture of OBL. First they said he was armed and shooting at them and used his wife as a human shield and she died. Then they said he was unarmed and he didn't use his wife as a shield and his wife didn't die and was only injured. Since the OBL raid was a hoax this strategy was used to make it look real. People were discussing about the killing of an unarmed OBL as if it really had happened, that helped implanting the myth into the heads of the population that they did indeed track down and kill him. A fake story could be arranged and presented perfectly and without contradiction but that would make it look unrealistic.

Did they kill the MIT officer? With which weapon did they do it? who of the brothers did it? Finger prints? Powder marks? Witness accounts? Where is the evidence? In the end they admitted they only found one weapon and that the younger brother was unarmed in the boat.

The police probably didn't give them a chance to surrender and alway fired immediately, if that is the case, everything they did was in self defense.

I found one more nice tweet from dzhokhar/jahar from january 15th:
"I don't argue with fools who say islam is terrorism it's not worth a thing, let an idiot remain an idiot"

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thx! Meanwhile I noticed a few more oddities. it is said by people who talked to dzhokhar after the tragedy, that he didn't mention that he was at the boston marathon. that is strange too - anybody would tell his buddies, that he was there, could have been killed etc. that he didn't do that could either mean that he is guilty or that he was part of the bomb drill acting as a terrorist, not allowed to talk about it, scared. that could also be an explanation his nervousness the day after as some witnesses stated.

I also noticed something in the video which showed the capture of a naked suspect who looked like or who was tamerlan tsarnaev. there is no chest hair visible on him as opposed to the leaked morgue pic of tsarnaev. but that footage was also very blurry. It would be great to have a clearer version of it. here a witness account stating that a police SUV hit him and that the cops shot him afterwards:

some more weirdness:
this is a witness account of the bombing, a teacher filmed by a pupil. he took photos at the bombing site, a fed came, took his phone and deleted all those pics, business as usual I'd say.

this is some weird shit:
today I read on aangirfan, that tamerlan tsarnaevs wife katherine russell is the granddaughter of richard warren russell, member of "skull and bones".
I don't know, but this is some strange shit. Uncle ruslan: CIA asset, married to daughter of top CIA official graham fuller, tamerlan: CIA asset, married to granddaughter of "skull and bones" member.

a couple of days ago I mentioned the strange anomaly of dzhokhars white cap: in two photos a "2" is visible, in one photo a "3" can be seen on the cap and that this could be an allusion to "322", order of the skull and bones. the skull can be found on the "craft" cap of the suspicious national guard (?) guys. I have to admit though, that this is the far-fetched kind of stuff which makes conspiracy theorists appear like paranoid kooks. but it is a strange coincidence and I have to say: the perps absolutely love this subliminal type of mindfuck. they are so proud of the shit they're pulling, they must let us all know.

the scariest thing in my opinion is the following: every time such a contrived event takes place, a lot of bloopers happen. I alway think "that was it, they went too far, this time they totally screwed this up" but in the end they succeed. the key to their success is the complicity of the media on which they rely heavily. no matter how much they screw up - the media fixes it well and that scares me.

sorry for the lengthy comment.

6:06 PM  

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