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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One World Government, One World Military

In my previous post, on conspiracy theory endgames, I discussed the one-world govt conspiracy, and I was skeptical that one world govt would do anything in terms of gaining control over people-- any more control than they already have.

But one thing I realized after I wrote the post, is that one world govt may have little to do with controlling common people, but everything to do with controlling the military.  The world's military, under the control of one commander, would be dangerous.  Specifically, having control of all the world's nuclear weaponry under one commander would be very bad. 

In theory, having one world military would mitigate war-- a good thing, right? And one military would lessen the overall need for a military, in theory, since who is the world going to fight? 

However, having one military with one commander controlling all the nukes, ships, submarines, aircraft and other weaponry, is exactly what is required for the quarantine breakout endgame-- where the occult evil ETs residing on earth, try to break through the planetary quarantine put out by other ETs.  Such a breakout attempt, using all of the earth's military and nukes, would be bad news for humanity, indeed.


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