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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snowden Too Good To Be True?

I listened to this interview with Snowden yesterday.

For a 29 year-old high school drop-out, he is amazingly smooth, articulate, smart and on the ball. Good looking too. He talks like a high-paid government lawyer. That raises my suspicions quite a bit.  Of course, he was/is a CIA employee, worked in the NSA, so certainly not trustworthy there. What is his game? This massive leak is certainly an op of some sort, maybe has several reasons. I think one big thing is just to throw this out and see how the public reacts.  So far, there hasn't been a huge outcry from the public, and there has been the usual BS from the usual BS authorities. But nothing incredible has been revealed that we didn't really know already... yet. Another part of this may be just to psyche the public, let them think they are being spied on and everything watched, when maybe they really aren't that good! It's just a massive head-game by our wonderful intel overlords.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that this is some kind of operation whose purposes include those which you listed.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the B.S. stories about Snowden, there is only ONE that applies and you will not hear about it in the press, which has protected the NSA with a great big white wash. Snowden worked out at Kunia. He had an extensive training program he had to go through before being allowed in. He HAD TO have been 99th percentile, the story about high school drop out is B.S, and so is the rest of the washing of his background. After hearing his conscience out at Kunia, he left Hawaii, defected, and told the truth.


9:04 AM  

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