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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What March on Monsanto???

The decision by the mainstream media to ignore the thousands of individuals marching down the busiest streets of major cities worldwide may be appalling, but in reality it matters very little at this point. Not only is the movement against Monsanto adding to its number each day thanks to the real alternative media and intelligent activism, but the movement as a whole is driven by an inexorable desire to push the GMO ‘food bully’ out of our food supply.
And in addition to the rapid success, growth, and determination of the movement, we have key players in the alternative media that have decided they’re fed up with the hindered focus of mainstream news agencies. I am extremely glad that we decided to run live coverage on the March Against Monsanto in Philadelphia for its first year, as otherwise the event would not have been properly documented and shared. Couple that with the fact that the mainstream media is on its last breathe of life, and you realize that the alternative news media can actually succeed without the support of the multi-billion dollar news agencies whose ratings are plunging.
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There were of course protests against GMOs and Monsanto around the world last week, which got little attention, naturally, from the corporate lamestream media.

And.. the 12 most awful product manufactured by Monsanto.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

monsanto is now partnered with the blackwater mercenary bastards.
why would monsanto need it's own private army?
things that make you go hmmm...

2:48 PM  

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