Humint Events Online: United Airlines Pilot Ronald Cole on Chemtrails, 9/11, Masonry and Jews

Thursday, May 23, 2013

United Airlines Pilot Ronald Cole on Chemtrails, 9/11, Masonry and Jews

On the Fetzer show.

Cole gives an interesting new explanation for chemtrails-- he was told that the atmospheric nuke testing in the 50s and 60s messed up the upper atmosphere, particularly the magnetosphere, and the govt is trying to repair it by putting chemicals there, or something.  But then says how the program has gone awry or out of control, and doesn't seem to know what they are doing now.

Considering the atmospheric nukes were an attempt at breaking planetary quarantine (according to AP), the atmospheric chemtrail stuff sounds like it may also have been related to the quarantine... but what the hell could they have been doing??? Later in the show, he discusses the idea that chemtrails are about spraying chemicals to block UV light and inhibit vitamin D production and make people more sick, as well as control human emotions-- but this seems to be speculation. He also says chemtrails and HAARP are about controlling the weather.

Anyway, on 9/11, Cole says he knew a United airlines executive who flew over Shanksville right after 9/11, and could see no plane crashed there. He also seem to not believe a plane crashed at the Pentagon, and also that the WTC was blown up.  But he didn't say anything about planes at the WTC nor did he have an over-arching theory for how they did 9/11.  He did promote the Neocon/Jewish/Israel angle for 9/11, which of course Fetzer is big on.

As I've blogged about here in the past, the Israel/Jew 9/11 question is quite complicated.  

One thing I liked about Cole is that he seemed like a very believable, ordinary, nice guy-- and I think someone who represents a wide swath of mainstream Americans.  Cole was big on the "Thrive" movie, that I've also discussed here, in the past.

I like what he says about gun control being a bogus fear, that the PTB don't really worry about our guns because they have other ways of controlling us.  He thinks they want us to have guns, so we can kill each other off. I certainly agree with that, and have thought the same for a while.

There wasn't really a lot of great new info in the show- a lot was rehashed conspiracy dogma-- but the bits about chemtrails and 9/11 were interesting, coming from a pilot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After his flag man rant I question anything AP says.

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