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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Moon Dust Is Keeping Us from Going "Back" to the Moon

Wow, this is freaking pathetic:
A return to the Moon could be hampered by dust, a poorly-understood threat to machines and people alike, according to a presentation at a space conference that ended Friday.
Simulations by scientists in Britain and France show that in key zones of Earth’s satellite, dust kicked up by a landing or exploration gains an electrostatic force that briefly overcomes lunar gravity, it heard.
As a result, the dust lingers high above the surface, presenting a thin grey cloud of fine, sticky, abrasive particles that hamper visibility, coat solar panels and threaten moving parts, they said.
Some kinds of lunar dust are laden with iron, presenting a toxicity risk for humans if breathed in, they said.
Farideh Honary, a professor at the University of Lancaster, northwestern England, said lunar dust was already identified as a potential hazard by returning Apollo astronauts.
But only now, with mounting interest in a return to the Moon, were scientists taking a closer look, she told AFP.
“We need to study the dust in much more detail and to do more measurements before (sending) manned missions,” she said by phone.
There's really no point in saying how ridiculous the official moon landing story is... and there have been endless excuses why we can't go "back". Like we went there in the first place. But what is this about breathing moon dust? Why would we be breathing moon "air" or anything in it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never met nor talked to anyone who DOUBTS the Apollo Moon landing
myths promulgated by Government and corporate media.

Truth is, they ALL believe I'm odd and believe in crazy things whenever I try to engage them in conversations about 95%+ of the things I have read about on sites such as this one.

Worse still is that 99% of them are comfortably numb and content to remain ignorant and have zero interest in any view that is contra
to their limited knowledge.


4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dust ... does anybody believe that crap`?

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dust? Well, they couldn't say
the Van Allen Belts.

9:38 PM  

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