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Sunday, August 11, 2013

China Syndrome at Fukushima

Oh shit...

Very likely some of Fukushima's melted cores have moved into the earth — "It's beyond containment right now"

Paul Gunter, director of the reactor oversight project at Beyond Nuclear: "Indications are right now that the reactor structures themselves have been breached. It's very likely that some of the radioactive material — the melted cores — have moved into the earth."

So it's beyond containment right now. I think that's the tragedy that we see unfolding as Fukushima's radioactive water crisis is only beginning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Japanese Prime Minster is said to be looking into a plan to construct a $400 million wall of ice that may or may not contain the massive ever flowing radiation leak into the earths atmosphere and ocean waters.

a "wall of ice"?
"may or may not"?

if this issue were not so serious, this proposal would be hilarious.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over 15 quadrillion becquerels of radioactive substances suspected in trench that Tepco now admits is leaking into groundwater at Fukushima

5:21 PM  

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