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Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Strange Case of the Billy Meier UFO Photos and ET Contact Story

Jim Marrs does a good job of going over the Billy Meier case in his book "Alien Agenda", and spends several pages going over the story.  Somewhat annoyingly, Richard Dolan completely ignores the case in his UFO history books. This case is one of those freaky stories where nothing quite adds up.  Billy Meier, a very interesting character, took some of the most stunning yet fake-looking UFO shots ever presented to the world, yet it's just not clear how he possibly could have faked these so well. Particularly, since he only had one arm.

Translated from the German at this site where I took the pics from:
Although often referred to as a forgery, Billy Meier's photos are used all over the world press and television to illustrate reports of UFOs. It is significant that Meier's copyright is violated regularly and he has received in all the past years, only three cases in about a couple of 'Fränklein' in royalties.

'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier's photos are different from all other known UFO cases by:

     their outstanding picture quality
     their large number (hundreds of pictures, mostly daylight shots)
     the fact that virtually all images are part of all sequences
     the fact that on several images over a 'UFO' shows
     the presence of parallel made ​​8mm film footage
     additional shots of landing tracks and laser fire traces
     The fact that the recordings are total of all incurred before the possibility of computer manipulation was given.
Meier claims he was contacted by Pleiadians, who gave him all sorts of cosmically important information. Marrs spells it out well in "Alien Agenda", and I'm not going to transcribe what he wrote as it is too long. The bottom line is that I tend to believe Meier was a bona fide ET contactee and a very important person in the ET field. The only other explanation is that Meier was part of an INCREDIBLY elaborate hoax, but for what end, is not clear at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FWIW i have a lamp-shade that looks exactly like the upper UFO in the top photo.

Joint USG/Alien Hybrid Program

9:10 AM  
Anonymous jose paco said...

anyone genuinely interested in discovery of new information can review dozens of videos and documentation about people who have worked at Area 51, Dulce, S4 where the ET saucers have been stored since early 50's. Look up Bob Lazar, who worked at S4 on an alian craft, retro-engineering the propulsion system. He discovered that it was fueled by element 115, an anti-matter element, does not exist on earth. Einstein theorized that gravity was actually like a net, or fabric, that could be stetched and allowed to collapse again. In one video he explains the science of how the craft worked. Our military had somewhat duplicated the saucers over 50 years, so that most look about like Meier's photos, as did the one on which Lazar worked. It's worth the time to view the stuff, no one foces it down your throat.

There are simply too many reports from people connected with NASA and the secret bases underground in Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, also area 51 and S4, to close your eyes and mind and ignore it because it makes tou uncomfortable to admit that many aliens are on earth, and have been for thousands of years.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you go to
this explains in greater detail with hundreds of pages of information about the billy meier case, for those interested in the most important ufo case in history

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