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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Denial of Exra-Terrestrial Life

It pisses me off no end, to see people commenting (at various websites or in articles and books) that there is no evidence of alien life out there, that planet earth is the only place that has life-- and saying this with just absolute certainty. Typically, these are seemingly educated people as well.

It's just fucking idiotic and mind-bogglingly close-minded.  It's like they WANT to believe this.


There is also the amazing IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE of such a thought, since they clearly have not done any reading on the history of UFOs. Either that, or they are intel. But as usual, in these matters, it's hard to believe they are ALL intel assets spreading disinfo (though we can't rule that out).

It's really astounding actually, how well the CIA and PTB have covered up evidence of ET visitation, acting like it never happened and that there were just a lot of weird mistaken sightings, hallucinations, or whatever that were those crazy UFO sightings.

The fact is, the earth has been crawling with all manner of ET life, for a long time.  Just the number of different types of ET craft that visited the planet in the 1940s and 1950s-- craft that were chased by Air Force jets and seen on radar-- is amazing. At least a dozen types of aircraft-- classic flying saucers, cigar-shaped craft, rocket-like craft, small round globes, massive mother ships, etc. Then there were the many many sightings of craft landing and aliens getting out-- all over the world. Now clearly, these are not things we normally see day to day, but they are out there.

One way to think about the would be ants and humans. In the day to day life of a typical ant, how many humans do they run across? Probably very few, and if they do, they barely know what is happening or are freaked out (as much as ant can feel terror). It's just that most ants are involved in their day to day life in the colony, getting food, etc. They just don't run into humans that much, and humans avoid them too-- except when they see them and want to kill them.

Now clearly this analogy is not perfect, but it should give a sense of how a lower order life form can be completely oblivious to a larger, more advanced species.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet after 70 years of claimed sightings, not one single high-resolution image of a UFO or alien life form is in the public record.
Why is that?

It's known that various cameras and photos of the JFK murder were confiscated and that many images have been doctored -e.g. backyard photos of Oswald.

Many believe that a second camera
was held by a person unknown and close to Zapruder's position, and that the two films were used to make a composite third film.

Perhaps the lack of quality images of UFOs and alien life has a similar explanation.

5:17 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

of course films and photos have been covered up. But there are also good, bone fide photos and videos out there. The problem is that all UFO photos and videos have been contaminated by a massive amount of fakes, so no one can easily tell what is real vs fake anymore.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where could someone find/see "good,
bona fide photos and videos"?

Specific TV station? Newspaper,
Web, magazine?

7:55 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

there is a movie called "UFO" from the 1950s, that seems to have bona fide UFO footage. A couple of famous early sightings.

This seems to be the footage here:

there was a show on UFOs I watched where there was a picture of a triangular craft that as far as anyone could tell, was a real UFO. It would take some time to track down. You can check out this site which has some good stuff:

11:54 AM  

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