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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holoflight 175?

Interesting and logical:


Anonymous joe paco said...

wonder why this is just now being published? "videos real, plane image faked."
lots to chew on here. DEW vs nukes, for one. also, Naudet film was in hnad is the Fabricate-Bully-Intimadate guys for a while, so the glowing ember he showed for the right wing tip might be something else?

there is a tape somewhere on the WWW of a woman in Liberty tower, in a meeting, and you can hear the shrill sounds of what they thought was the Concorde, then crackcrckcrckboomboomboom, but the plane sound seemed to continue past that.

also, who is the guy who plotted the official path of the plane image?

joe paco

4:17 PM  
Anonymous joe paco said...

just thought of this complication: why did so many people in position to have seen the hologram not see it? specifically, the crew of Chopper 4, who were fying around the tower at the time? also Matt Lauer, in the studio? maybe this is same technology that created the Tetrahedron over Moskow, December 29, 2009?

joe paco

4:39 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yeah, hard to trust this video completely, given the attention to Wood and that this guy seems to be friends with Andrew Johnson, but still an interesting and well executed presentation.

One glaring hole was not showing the "nose out" video from WNYW that is probably the best evidence for video fakery.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous jose paco, aka joe b said...

my own "book" is now at 105 pages or so, and I was convinced that the plane image was not a real plane. I have to treat all info as unverified, rather than probable, as do you.
some questions are the one you mention, also how many people wooud not have seen a hologram if under it, facing, etc? chopper 4 was in position to see it and saw only the boomboomboom explosions. am always suspicious when someone slows down a frame and suddenly we see the obvious glowing melted metal, from dew whatever.

also where is source of the military radar and would someone not have noticed the GPS contradictions, like military?

still, it's worth some logical deductive reasoning, rather than a leap of faith.

joe b

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

james ha said...
the video suggests that the assorted ua175 videos actually captured a holographic projected image of a 767 approaching and impacting the wtc2?
i say bullshit. every vid of supposed 175 shows a different looking plane. if it was a projected holographic image then they would all look like the same plane - but they do not.
much simpler to cobble together phony CGI animations after the fact. don't forget marcus icke's analyses - he concludes that every image of ua175 is bogus:

6:56 PM  

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