Humint Events Online: The First Major CIA Cover-Up Was UFOs

Monday, July 29, 2013

The First Major CIA Cover-Up Was UFOs

-- the late-1940's to early 1950's.

Just saying.

I'm reading Dolan's fascinating history of UFOs .... more to come.

Oh yeah, bookmarking the Dulce battle here for further review.


Anonymous jose paco said...

you may recognize me as one who has verified the facts surrounding 9/11,a dn I am highly certain we never landed on the moon. I have read some of "Banton's" stuff before and it is pure fiction, my opinion.
a key clue in this report is teh subject of sex, all that military involvement to free some sex slaves?
I don't buy any document that has hundreds of facts that have no footnotes or no supporting information as to where/how the author got them. It is not so different from some of Lear's stuff, where an author invented facts about aliens scaring off astronauts who were never on the moon. "The moon is crawling with aliens!"
That fact may be true, but is not verified in any way.
jose paco

9:37 AM  

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