Humint Events Online: 50 Years of Official Lies About the JFK Assassination

Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years of Official Lies About the JFK Assassination

The mainstream media, as usual, refuse to admit any official government complicity or official lies.

The Powers That Be are still determined to cover-up this most obvious of conspiracies.

But why? Why, 50 years on, is it so important that the government and the media still lie and to not admit the truth? Who cares anymore?

Here are a few major reasons I can guess at:

1) The history books. The PTB really don't want it to ever be in the history books that the secret government killed the president because he was acting against them. It is too ugly. They want the people to naively believe that their government is a democracy or at least never does such terrible things.

2) Conspiracy theories are gauche and low class. I suspect the media and national politicians simply think it is impolite to talk about "conspiracy theories"-- they are above all that. They are the elites, and only the low class masses talk about conspiracies.

3) Social stability. Even though it was 50 years ago, lots of people still have strong memories about the JFK assassination and most Americans know about it. For the government to admit NOW that they were lying about this seminal event in history, could be very disruptive-- at least that is what the PTB worry about. I think most people wouldn't be surprised and not much would happen, but the PTB always worry about the people uprising and doing something rash. Something that might uncover their other deep secrets.

4) The 50th anniversary is important. Lots of people are paying attention to this event on this anniversary and subsequent anniversaries will not be nearly so important. If the PTB can keep the lid on this secret for the 50th, then they are set for basically another 50 years.

Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters

1) the "official" story was obviously very wrong from the very beginning

2) government officials covered up what really happened and created a false reality, and elected officials went along with it

3) THE MEDIA LIED to help cover up the truth

4) when the truth started leaking out to the public through various channels, a massive disinformation campaign was created to continue the cover-up-- many JFK researchers were government-sponsored disinformation artists

5) there still has been no justice for what happened

6) the course of the US changed markedly for the worse after they assassinated President Kennedy.

7) the assassination was a seminal conspiracy event-- one of the 3 great conspiracies of the last 60 years: UFOs, JFK, 9/11. At the heart of each of these conspiracies lies the secret government, the military and the ultimate powers that be.

8) In a nutshell, the JFK assassination is a lesson in why we can't have nice things in this country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time has blurred our memories,
words have stilled our feelings,
but we remember the man and the day
and feel a muted sorrow.

"When I think of my brother John, I think of the poet Shakespeare, when he wrote in 'Romeo and Juliet' --
When he shall die, take and cut him into little stars, and he shall make the face of Heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish Sun".

9:20 PM  

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