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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Insane "chemtrails"

Two weeks ago, before a lot of rainy weather, we had an insane number of "contrails" building up in the sky.

It doesn't come out very well, but in the #2 photo, there were two jets, flying fairly close to each other-- one was putting out trails that faded immediately and the other had trails that lasted, like all of these others you can see here. 

In my mind, that proves the long-lasting trails are not normal and are likely "chemtrails".

We have had very similar weather since then, and have not had these "chemtrails" since the rain.

Geo-engineering, anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a roll cloud

8:27 AM  
Blogger Olive Farmer said...

This may sound weird:
The consensus amongst the alternative media is that these are to do with geo-engineering.
Those that can see understand that the alternative media is controlled opposition.
Ergo the weather control thing is Bullshit.
What is left?
I live in a tiny mountain village in the nether reaches of Crete, on the edge of European civilisation, yet we get sprayed here. They don't want to miss anyone. The spray acts as a barrier to something, perhaps something that comes from outside. This may be from the sun, or from somewhere else. Who the F knows but them?
My guess, and I am not alone in this, is that they are trying to prevent something affecting our DNA.
What else do they fear?
Love to you,
Good work,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

6:11 PM  

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