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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sandy Hook Police Reports

Hmm, a lot of paperwork for something faked. But, bureaucracy, you know...

I looked through some of it, seemed like real paperwork. Wasn't able to watch the videos and the photos I could find were boring.

This guy says the material supports a fake event. I'm still unconvinced about the shooting being total fakery, though I am sure there was some conspiracy setup to this whole incident, as I've mentioned before. I just haven't seen the smoking gun, as it were, for fake victims. I found some of the victims' parents Facebook pages, and they looked real, to me, FWIW. As I've mentioned before, I am friends with someone who is friends of a Sandy Hook victim parent. I know that's not very convincing for anyone who strongly believes in fakery, and it may even make me look like a shill. But it's the truth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are over-thinking this. it doesn't matter if it was a total hoax, because it was obviously at least a partial hoax.

1) some of those grieving family members were obvious actors - just like 9/11.
2) in the immediate aftermath the sheriff made it a crime just to express doubts about the validity - just like 9/11.
3) the entire school was destroyed and removed from the face of the earth with no investigation at all and records were sealed - just like wtc 9/11.
4) immediate draconian legislation that was obviously written up long before this catalyzing event took place was attempted to be foisted on the U.S. public - just like 9/11 patriot act.

man, the whole thing was a crock of shit just like everything else we see on the TV "news".

9:07 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

yes, good points, and I can't argue about that!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh right, one more thing:

if this had really taken place the way they said it did, then the govt/media would still be cramming pictures of dead bodies and bullet holes and whatnot down our throats 24/7 in a continued attempt to demonize guns.

just like if the wtc had been destroyed the way they claimed, then they would still be cramming videos of planes hitting the towers and subsequent "collapse" down our throats in a continued attempt to demonize evil muslims.

but they don't dare draw attention to any of it because none of it can pass even the slightest scrutiny.

9:16 AM  

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