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Monday, February 24, 2014

"The Gas Ovens"?

This interview started out promising enough, talking about Operation Paperclip. But then they got into the Holocaust, and it started going too official story... I appreciate his idea that it was more complex than typically portrayed... but the comment about how "people really died in the gas ovens" made me wince.

WTF is a gas oven anyway?  Supposedly there were gas chambers filled with cyanide gas to kill people, then the bodies were disposed of in the crematory ovens.

Of course, that gassing story is highly dubious, as I have posted on before. They used to say that millions were killed in the gas chambers, now they are backtracking a bit. Now, this guy seems to be saying MOST people died from shooting or starvation, but some people did get killed in gas chambers! Really! Is this the new official position?

UPDATE: Interesting that "gas ovens holocaust" doesn't give anything by google. However, I was reading a book about the trial of Holocaust supporter Mel Mermelstein (Michael Collins Piper's "Best Witness"), and apparently "gas ovens" was a common term back in the 1980s for the mass killing of Jews.

Amazing how different "Best Witness" is from the wiki entry on Mel Mermelstein. Wiki claims Mermelstein "proved" the holocaust, while the book says exactly the opposite!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SANDY HOOK: GAME OVER! no deaths listed in official death index

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The claims that Hitler or other Nazis ordered and carried out the systematic murder of six million Jews is untrue. The evidence used to support this claim is so flimsy and without merit that no one who has studied it can honestly say it
it comes anywhere near supportive of this fantastical hoax.

7:19 PM  

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