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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Three 33's of the Day

Paul Ryan wants to cut $3.3 trillion from low-income programs...

and, there have been 33,900 FISA requests by the NSA over the past 8 years.
Data storage by companies rather than the NSA is inconsequential since the NSA requests to the FISA courts for a warrant to access the information are granted automatically. Over the past eight years, only11 of 33,900 requests have been refused.
 Hmm, wonder how they chose the last 8 years for this...

Finally, in the recent SCOTUS McCutcheon case:
Mr. McCutcheon, who had contributed a total of about $33,000 to 16 candidates for federal office in the 2012 election cycle, said he had wanted to give $1,776 each to 12 more but was stopped by the overall cap for individuals.


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