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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gun Control Versus the Real Agenda

The common conspiracy belief these days is that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax to enact gun control, and I do think at this point, the evidence points to a massive hoax at Sandy Hook.

But was it really about gun control?

To me, that explanation just sounds too pat, too easy, too simple.

Yes, of course, the Obam administration and the Dems in Congress did try to enact gun control legislation after sandy Hook, and of course, it went nowhere. There were some new gun control measures enacted in various states. But the Federal legislation was really pretty mild, and nothing close to grabbing guns. So it hardly makes sense that Sandy Hook was about gun control at the Federal level. No one is seriously talking about taking away all guns, and that is simply not going to happen in the US. That fear is quite simply runaway paranoia from largely right-wing/libertarian gun owners.

Further, I still have not heard a good rebuttal to the argument that gun rights as a defense against tyranny are pretty worthless, when you are talking about an incredibly advanced US military that can just drop a bomb on you if they want to get rid of you.

I have posited here before, that maybe mass shooting events like Sandy Hook are actually staged for the benefit of 1) gun manufacturers, and 2) the mass media, both of whom do great business after these sorts of things. There may even be a cottage industry for the crisis actors making money from donations made in the aftermath of the event. And sure, even places like the United Way can benefit.

Still, I'm not convinced that this explanation makes sense for the US government to get involved in the hoax and/or coverup. So probably there is something deeper.

What I'm wondering then, is whether the goal of these events is actually to INDUCE right-wing gun paranoia, leading to more shootings and rebellions, that will eventually trigger some sort of uprising by the right-wing that can be squashed by brutal force by the US government. 

In other words, it's not so much about gun control as about making an enemy of the state, that the Feds can go after and use to restrict our liberties even more. Perhaps this is also about a reason to enact martial law.

Now, why they want martial law, I don't really know. They seem to want it. Maybe there are psychopaths in the military who really want that degree of control. Martial law certainly doesn't make sense economically, but there could be a deeper conspiracy reason I am unaware of, an end times-type reason...

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