Humint Events Online: Gaza's "Terror Tunnels"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gaza's "Terror Tunnels"

These tunnel complexes fill with weapons are ever so reminiscent of Osama bin Laden's massive cave complex in Afghanistan, which was of course a huge lie.

Israel claims that had to invade Gaza because of these tunnels and some "terrorists" they found sneaking out of Gaza via tunnels who were going to attack them.  As if no one would try to escape from the world's biggest concentration camp, because they wanted to be free and escape the constant bombardment from Israel.

This whole sick episode is a replay of the sick Gaza invasion in 2009, Operation Cast Lead, which was incredibly fucked up. It's unreal what a racist Nazi state that Israel has turned into.

Let's not forget that Israel also helped to create Hamas-- so much like the US helped create al-Qaeda (al-CIA-duh).


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