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Monday, September 08, 2014


So a few days ago I posted about my trip to NYC and the trip to the Statue of Liberty on the ferry. Supposedly this ferry was from where Carmen Taylor and Michael Hezarkhani had taken their infamous shots of the ghostplane on 9/11. I thought I had nailed them for a lie, because on the ferry I went on never had an angle remotely close to the angle they showed in their pics of southern Manhattan and the WTC.

However, doing more research, I found a pic showing there is another docking place for the ferry, a bit more southeast of where I was, that basically matches their angle. Ah, well. There are still many many reasons to be suspicious of the UA175 images from 9/11, and particularly the Carmen Taylor images, but the angle of the shot is not a conclusive reason.

Nonetheless, here are some of my shots of the new WTC and the 9/11 memorial. The new WTC1 is quite beautiful actually, and the memorial is very impressive and somber. What you don't expect at the memorial is the strong smell of the ocean-- I guess they used sea water in the fountain. My earlier thoughts on the fountains are here.

 The new WTC1 and 2.
 The view from Battery Park (not the exact spot where I got on the ferry but close to another boarding spot)-- this is the basic Carmen Taylor/Michael Hezarkhani vantage point, with the new WTC1 close to where the old WTC1 was.

This sculpture used to be in the WTC plaza, and is now in Battery Park.

View from the ferry on route.

View from the Statue of Liberty island.

Coming back, on the ferry.

The WTC2 memorial pool, in the footprint of the old WTC2.

Side view of the new WTC1.


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