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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Khazelov and Veteran's Today-- Endless Disinfo on Nuking of the WTC

I have long held that the WTC was nuked on 9/11, likely by many small mini- or micro-nukes in each tower.

But I have found it perplexing that the Khazelov story of nuking the WTC has gained any traction, for the simple reason as outlined in this diagram below-- it makes no sense!
The WTC outer walls, even though they were steel, they were also very porous, would never channel massive explosive power to the top, like what is shown in this picture. Rather, the bottom of the structure would be completely blown out, and there would be a toppling effect on the towers, not a top-down demolition. You could say that the demolition videos were all faked, but that is belied by the multitude of ground zero pics that clearly show the bottom of the WTC still more or less intact, amid all the rubble.

And really-- Veteran's Today and Gordon Duff are completely untrustworthy-- Duff is admitted intel and full of disinformation. The ideas that Snowden gave Russia incriminating info about 9/11 is completely unverified (as much as we might want to believe it). Khazelov certainly had nothing to do with Snowden, as he came out long before Snowden's NSA whistleblowing.

The idea that Israel was the source for the WTC nukes has been around for a long time and is plausible but not proven.  There's no real evidence for Israeli nukes at the WTC, except for the clear signs of involvement of Israel in the 9/11 operation and that Israel has a clandestine nuclear weapons program. The thing is that Israel is such an obvious boogie-man for so many in the conspiracy world, that the VT disinfo crew talking about Israel planting the nukes makes me doubt it to some extent.

So why am I even posting this piece?

Because they show these remarkable pics of the weird bedrock found beneath the WTC:

The piece linked above makes the ridiculous claim that these are left-over signs of an underground nuclear blast. The rock certainly looks freakish and given where it was found, raises questions. But if anything, the rock looks weathered and worn down, not blasted. Certainly that bottom one looks like the result of thousands of years of water running over the rock.

I have to note that this weirdly sculpted rock actually fits the China Syndrome idea much better than the Khazelov underground blast model. The China Syndrome model is that fission fragments left over from the WTC nuking generated extreme heat after the demolition, and kept melting down to the bedrock, and even melting the rock. The weird potholes in this rock may well be evidence of this. To be honest, I do not think there could have been enough left-over fission fragments to melt down all of this rock -- just parts of it.

Still, this rock is definitely one of the many oddities of 9/11 and its aftermath.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

diagram = stupidest thing ever.

photo #1 = impossible.
look at the tractors. neither of them have any truck to load their loads of dirt into. and how did that lower tractor get down into it's location? impossible.
now look at the 3 guys who appear to be actually doing something.
orange shirt. beige shirt. yellow shirt. what the fuck is beige shirt guy holding, a giant light saber? and yellow shirt guy is standing in a puddle of radioactive urine or something. ya right. now check out the dumb ass trailer or whatever it is right above the 3 beanys (wetbacks). how did that sumbitch get there?. it didn't. now look at the ladder. a real ladder of that length would be a 2 piece extention ladder - i have one. oops! alrighty then, now focus on the hose that runs from left to right across the entire landscape - that sumbitch would be about 2 feet in diameter. not gonna happen.
OK photo #2 = what's up with the phony blue skyscraper building?
and that ridiculous scaffolding? hilarious.
photo #3 = nice reflection of the phony skyscraper in the water. oh and look at the guy on the left - he's supposedly spraying water into a muddy pool that has nothing to do with the other pools of water. oh wait, water seeks it's own level.
is this also hilarious? or is it actually moronic.
oh probably i am moronic for actually spending a good 30 minutes typing this shit.
and that is what is really hilarious!

4:12 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

"yellow shirt guy is standing in a puddle of radioactive urine or something" Ha!

4:20 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Sorry if the "reCaptcha" "prove you're not a robot" thing is not working. Looks like they changed the system a bit. Best thing would be to get a blogger account-- would make commenting easier.

4:22 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Tineye search for last image showed NYTimes as the only source. Funny the URL for the pic has a 33 in it:

4:25 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

My post from 2008 on the strange WTC bedrock formation--

5:09 PM  

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