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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saudi Arabia, A Truly Evil Force

Israel gets a lot of attention in the conspiracy world for being a malevolent force, but Saudi Arabia is just as bad if not worse... truly a fucked up backwards country, they supports terrorism at a deep level, they blackmail the world with the control of oil, and of course they are connected at the hip to both the US and Israel. But domestically, they are incredibly brutal and backwards.

There's some move recently to declassify the sections of a Senate 9/11 report that apparently refer to Saudi Arabia, but I can't see that being done. There's just too much resistance to de-classify anything related to 9/11...

Then there is this recent report on the "20th hijacker" Moussaoui giving out info on Saudi royalty funding al Qaeda and being connected to 9/11.

Obviously, not new info here, and mainly a limited hangout operation.

But still, both interesting and annoying how:
1) there is a lot of info on Saudis being connected to 9/11 that never seems to go anywhere
2) Saudi Arabia is truly a fucked up place but never seems to attract much attention as a problem spot in the world


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