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Thursday, April 23, 2015


The 2001 anthrax attacks are still one of the weakest links in the whole 9/11 official story, given that it was admittedly a false-flag inside job. Right?

Still, the real perp of those attacks is unknown and unpunished....

Some news on the anthrax investigation though. A lead FBI investigator is filing a lawsuit against the government charging multiple errors in the investigation.

This relatively recent DU post, interestingly suggests that W. Bush himself may have had a hand in targeting one of the victims.

I haven't read this completely, but Professor Graeme MacQueen has been investigating the anthrax attacks and there is a bunch of good info in this interview.

There are some people who still believe "al Qaeda" was behind the attacks, apparently. This is an odd blog, that promotes this theory.

I would say, there certainly was an active limited hangout, disinfo/misinfo campaign to make people think al Qaeda was behind the attacks, with even some help from Iraq, but it seems clear that even if they were making anthrax, it couldn't be the kind that was used in the attacks. Unless, the government/FBI really wants us to think it was a US defense scientist rogue agent who carried out the attacks, as a cover up for the role of al Qaeda. But that really doesn't make a huge amount of sense given the lies they've already perpetrated about al Qaeda, and I'm not aware of other times where the govt has clearly had reason to frame itself.


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