Humint Events Online: Jade Helm 15

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Jade Helm 15

Again, conservatives are the dumbest fucking conspiracy theorists in the world. This drill is not going to be an excuse for Obama to install martial law in Texas.

That being said, the drill is creepy and the problems I have with it are:
1) the massive exercise is a sign of how over-bloated our military is
2) it's creepy that the PTB are running drills like this
3) the secret government is completely terrible and unaccountable

And you just KNOW that when no martial law happens, Alex Jones and their ilk will say it is because all the attention they brought to the drill, stopped Obama's plans. Riight.

Also, just after I posted this, I saw someone already made very similar remarks about Jade Helm in the comments section. Great minds and all that.


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