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Friday, June 12, 2015

Miles Mathis-- Renaissance Man, Conspiracy Researcher

Lots of really interesting essays here.

What I like is that his pieces are logical, and his proofs of fakery are actually believable. I wouldn't say I buy everything he says, but he's got a lot of real smart ideas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen his pi=4 theory? Actually, it's not really a theory but rather a conspiracy theory. According to Mathis, the government doesn't want us to know that pi is actually equal to 4.

2:05 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I only glanced at it; didn't read it carefully. It seemed dumb. But i was going to go over his calculus stuff first. Actually, the first calculus article is quite good.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mathis can't even get the value of pi right, there is little point in reading the rest of his nonsense. Most of his articles are just ridiculous conspiracy theories. For example, John Lennon faked his death. It's doubtful that Mathis actually believes any of the crap he peddles.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miles Mathis is no Renaissance man.
Rather, he is a charlatan with a long history of sloppiness and of fabricating stories. On his website he promotes misinformation, pseudoscience, and unfounded claims in exchange for donations from like-minded kooks.
Mathis hopes you don't check his facts, because when you do his far-fetched conspiracy fantasies fall apart.

He wants to convince people that everything is fake, that everything is a conspiracy. He lulls people to sleep with his long drawn out "explanations" and asks for a handout at the end, "Please feed the web kitty". As long as he has the suckers on the line and waiting to read his next revelation of "the truth" he has it made.
No military operation, no sting operation, no stage performance, no presentation before an audience and no movie ever goes flawlessly in one take only with no rehearsals. Yet Mathis wants people to believe that the evil CIA can recruit and train "actors" to flawlessly play all the intricate parts in his ridiculous fantasy scenarios of "fake killings", substitutions, "fake" plane crashes, etc without a single failure. We have only his crack "photo analysis" as "evidence".

Nobody in these absurd scenarios of his ever has a change of heart or provides any definitive evidence. It’s just Mathis saying, "Does this look right yo you?"

Mathis is so obsessed with fakery because he himself is a fake. He is a fake scientist and a fake artist. His bio on his website is a collection of lies and exaggerations in which he claims to have been a syndicated cartoonist with King Syndicates, a junior golf champion, a student at the LBJ School, and the student who discovered an error on the 1980 PSAT, none of which is true. His science site is chock full of errors which he is too much of a crackpot to correct even when they are pointed out to him by actual scientists and mathematicians. Mathis really hopes you don’t follow up
on his claims.

Mathis also hopes you don’t find out he has a history of obsession with little girls.
On his site Mathis describes being "carried away" at meeting a 7 year old girl:
"some part of me, I know, has never gotten past that moment. It is still standing in that little front room, waiting for the heavens to fall or the ground to open up beneath my feet. I know it is impertinent, almost archaic, to be so carried away these days,"

Mathis wrote in "On Prurience in Art", I and II:
"Look at Rodin, sleeping with everyone, to the benefit of his art. Perhaps we should require artists to sleep with everyone they paint or sculpt: then we might get some real emotion in art again."

Mathis then posted the girl’s full name and area of residence on his site.

Would you want a 51 year old man like Mathis looking at and writing about your daughter this way?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No military operation, no sting operation, no stage performance, no presentation before an audience and no movie ever goes flawlessly in one take only with no rehearsals. "

Very astute observation. This is why "history" is filled with so many flaws and mistakes, it's all been faked for a very long time.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mathis is the real thing. He is incredibly intelligent in my opinion. His conspiracy papers are the best analysis I've ever seen in this area. In many of his papers he makes retrospectively obvious observations that no one else ever noticed. Also his scientific ideas are very important. For an example, look at the YouTube video "for circular motion does pi=4?" I'm an engineer, and it gives me chills. I've asked several other engineers to look at it and no one can explain it.

11:02 PM  

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