Humint Events Online: Terrorists and Racists and Ignoramuses and Heroes and an Amazing Week

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Terrorists and Racists and Ignoramuses and Heroes and an Amazing Week

Arson of Black Churches in Four Southern States = Racially-based terrorism.

This evil crap is wrong. Period. Since it is being largely ignored by the MSM, it is not a psyop.

Hundreds rally to PROTECT the Confederate flag after black activist is arrested for pulling it down outside South Carolina state building = Racists and ignoramuses

The original intent of the flag was clearly racist.

IMO, there is little difference between a Nazi flag and a Confederate flag.

If you like the Confederate flag, the odds are very strong you have racist tendencies. If by some chance you love the Confederate flag, and are not racist, then you are an ignoramus. If you don't understand why the Confederate flag is a racist symbol, you are an ignoramus. If you don't understand the deep history of racism in this country, particularly against blacks, you are an ignoramus. Racism against blacks still exists, I've seen it with my own eyes and endlessly online. It is a great evil that we must not tolerate and we have to evolve past.

The woman who climbed that flagpole and took down the flag is a HERO.


Though I do have to note a 33 in that article and a number of 3's. So, certainly we can't rule out the hand of the evil PTB in all these prima facie racist attacks, with some deeper distraction or psyop afoot. Certainly, race and sexual orientation has long been used to divide the masses, and get them to fight each other, while the elites rob us all.

But also, it's been quite a historic week, by any measure. Between the Southern state governments removing their Confederate flags to the upholding of the ACA by SCOTUS to SCOTUS legalizing gay marriage to Obama's moving eulogy in Charleston for Clementa Pinckney-- lots of cultural shifts and emotional moments. Lots of good news for liberals.


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