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Monday, September 07, 2015

Fuck War and Fuck the War Machine and the Evil Powers That Be

The manufacture and use of cluster bombs by the US is a great evil.

The psychotic war mentality of Henry Kissinger, a true American war criminal, a la Bush and Cheney.

The incredible, horrible evil of the US-Korean war. 

The US loves to talk about human rights, but in reality, has a very poor record on human rights.

And, of course, everyone ignores the fact that war has basically been illegal for 87 years.

David Swanson:
... it matters that we know the evils of war and try to stop the new ones. U.S. cluster bombs in Yemen, U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, U.S. guns in Syria, U.S. white phosphorus and Napalm and depleted uranium used in recent years, U.S. torture in prison camps, U.S. nuclear arsenals being expanded, U.S. coups empowering monsters in Ukraine and Honduras, U.S. lies about Iranian nukes, and indeed U.S. antagonization of North Korea as part of that never-yet-ended war — all of these things can be best confronted by people aware of a centuries-long pattern of lying.


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