Humint Events Online: Never Forget... 9/11 Was an Inside Job

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget... 9/11 Was an Inside Job

14 years later... a day of massive fakery and death and destruction led to even more massive world-wide wars and death and destruction.

And still no justice for the people of the world.

But hey-- they opened a new memorial for flight 93.

Whatever happened to that plane, anyway?

Funny how the articles on the new flight 93 memorial feature all Gordy Felt, brother of passenger Ed Felt. Apparently Gordy is the head of the flight 93 families or some such group.

Why doesn't he ever talk about the major oddity that is the phone call from Ed Felt from on board the plane before it supposedly crashed?


Blogger anonymous wak said...

whatever happened to the yellow jacket guys?

10:03 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

we need a memorial for the Yellow Jacket guys!

Also, the white suit guys.

10:39 AM  

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