Humint Events Online: The Drone War Is a War Crime

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Drone War Is a War Crime

The Drone papers at the Intercept.

In short, it is automated evil, an extra-judicial assassination program that is ridiculously flawed: abused by our allies and creates more terrorism.

Democracy Now has had good coverage of this.

Part 1

Part 2

It's really hard to figure what is a more evil and horrible aftermath of 9/11--

The Iraq war disaster and ISIS clusterfuck

The never-ending bullshit of Afghanistan

The fucking inhuman killing of the drone program

The hundreds of thousands of lives ruined by these wars, including totally fucked up US veterans

The insanely HUGE amounts of money diverted into these sick, fucked up policies, that could have been used to help Americans.

Lesser evils but still bad--

The endless lies of our politicians about these wars and the desensitization of the US populace to the wars

The constant demonization of Muslims

Blowback terrorism


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Amy "I've made millions in this gig for The Company" - is credible only for her limited, modified, gatekeeping propagands.

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