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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bogus War on Terror Watch, al-CIA-duh Watch

In about-face, Pentagon says U.S.-trained Syrians gave trucks, weapons to al Qaida

No one could have predicted that!

And our allies in Afghanistan are filled with despicable homosexual pedophiles.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies

No wonder they are all so fucked up over there.


Then the new threat-- Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Global Efforts

As "terroristy" as ISIS may be, they are really more of a jihadist army interested in forming a true Islamic caliphate state, than a true terror group. Which doesn't mean that they don't have CIA influence of course. Or that the war against them isn't bogus. This article ends with a nice 33:

Still, France finds itself reeling. Its Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, told the French Parliament this month that 1,800 French citizens and residents are believed to be enlisted in jihadist networks worldwide. Among them close to 500 are still in Syria and Iraq, and 133 have died in combat.


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