Humint Events Online: Did the Iran Deal Kill AIPAC?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Did the Iran Deal Kill AIPAC?

We can only dream! 

But it does seem like AIPAC lost a lot of power over this... maybe aligning exclusively with regressive assholes and criminals like the GOP and Netanyahu wasn't such a good idea....

And it's also nice to see that long-time anti-Zionist, semi-conspiracy blogger Xymphora is still going.

And speaking of Zionist monsters, fuck this bullshit:
It’s a regular and terrifying scene in the occupied West Bank: heavily armed Israeli soldiers, often with large dogs, raid a Palestinian family’s home. They wake the children, arresting one or more of them. This is what happened to Hamza Muayyad Shukri Hammad, 15, when his home in Silwad, a village near Ramallah, was invaded at 2am on Sunday.
As reported by the Arabic-language Quds news site, Hamza’s mother said that during the two-hour raid on her family’s home, Hamza and his 10-year-old brother, Bilal, were detained. Soldiers raided Hamza’s room, ransacking it. They confiscated phones and smart devices from the home and a computer was deliberately smashed. An Israeli officer threatened Hamza while searching him, and tried to pressure the boy to confess to charges not specified in the Quds report.
Hamza’s mother said “The officer told us that he would treat [Hamza] the way they treated his father and arrest him.” The teen’s father, Muayyad Hammad, is currently serving multiple life sentences on charges that he was part of a cell that carried out military operations against the Israeli army. He has been imprisoned for 13 years, according to Quds.
Other Palestinian children in Israeli detention have endured similar trauma as Hamza.
During a visit to Megiddo prison on Sunday, Hiba Masalha, a lawyer with the Palestinian Authority ministry for prisoner affairs, took the testimony of three teenagers who were beaten during their arrest and transfer to Israeli detention.
Ahmad Ismail Abu Amr, 17, from a village near the West Bank city of Nablus, was beaten all over his body, blindfolded and cuffed by Israeli soldiers who used their weapons to strike him on his head and shoulders when they arrested him two months ago. He was strip-searched during his transfer to Megiddo prison in the north of present-day Israel.
Another 17-year-old, Ahmad Sabah, was arrested several months ago when Israeli soldiers raided his home in Tuqua, a village near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, in the middle of the night. Ahmad was woken from his sleep by the shouting soldiers, who had police dogs with them. He was cuffed and blindfolded and put into a military jeep, in which soldiers beat him on his head and hands. He too was strip-searched upon his transfer to Megiddo.
Iyad Adawi, 17, was beaten during his arrest at Beit Furik checkpoint near Nablus and testified that one of the soldiers deliberately wounded him as he used a knife to remove plastic cuffs from the boy’s hands.
During the month of June, there were 160 Palestinian children in Israeli military detention, according to the human rights group Defence for Children International-Palestine. Israel holds additional Palestinian children in its civilian court system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

PHONY conspiracy theorist is a more accurate description of Xymphora, imo.

At times s/he seems more like a shill for the other team.

S/he is as much a CT denier as anything else. e.g. JFK, 9-11

5:39 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Hmmm, didn't realize that. I only check that site every couple of years so don't know their oeuvre well. Thanks.

11:37 AM  
Blogger anonymous wak said...


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