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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attacks

I'm still having trouble finding any real info about the attacks, and I guess who was behind it is still being sorted out (or the officially story being written).  The DailyMail has some details on the attacks, which are typically sensationalist, but more than I can find elsewhere.

But my default position is it was at minimum, facilitated by a government, either France, or Israel, or both. If there were bona fide suicide bombers, it's hard to call it a false flag.

The idiotic right-wing is of course, calling for more bombing. But that's obviously a fruitless and counter-productive approach, assuming this is bona fide terrorism. Though more war is what the PTB want.

On the official level, I agree we need to cut off the fucking arms sales and the terrorist bankers and for god's sake, fucking boycott Saudi Arabia.


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