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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy 2016?

This 21st Century Wire piece on trends to expect for 2016 isn't bad, except for one huge thing it leaves out: climate change as a destructive force on the planet as well as mankind's coming efforts to limit carbon emissions.

As I've posted here many times, climate change due to human activity (specifically due to carbon pollution in the atmosphere)* is no joke, and it's going to get worse this coming year. We've already seen record temperatures being set, record storms, record floods, record droughts, and the criminal corporate-controlled media (CCCM) largely has acted as though nothing is happening. Certainly, the CCCM largely ignored the recent Paris climate accords, and have studiously avoided linking climate change to the multiple extreme weather events we've had of late.  Their avoidance of this topic certainly is CRIMINAL and ultimately destructive for mankind.

The real worry is that the global climate has several amplifying feed-forward loops, so that once the ball starts rolling and ice sheets melt and frozen methane deposits melt, we are truly fucked and there is no putting the cork back in the bottle, as warming will escalate out of control, without mere humans being able to stop it. A worse case scenario will be the oceans warming so much that the algae that produce so much of the planet's oxygen will die-off, leaving us with decreasing oxygen levels in the atmosphere and oceans and simply unfathomably immense damage to planetary animal life.

The ULTIMATE question is whether we have reached the tipping point yet, or whether we still have time to make changes in our activity in order to limit the damage to the atmosphere.

My guess is we are at the tipping point RIGHT NOW and we need to make drastic changes in our energy and economic and agricultural systems. 

But this is probably not going to happen quickly enough, so we are screwed.

We are screwed-- absent some miracle such as UFO/ET disclosure to give us some technology to stabilize the planet and give us free energy (see the post below this one). But I don't think such disclosure, which will bring it's own issues, is going to happen this year.

Thus my prediction for 2016 is more and more abnormal weather, more weather catastrophes, more damage to human structures and increasing costs to human economic activity. 

MAYBE just maybe, this will be enough to wake people up and get them to change our society to a better mode of energy and economic activity in the near future.

And the evil PTB -- still being evil psychopaths -- will take things like climate change, and use it for their own evil ends. Which will likely means lots of people will die unnecessarily if they can't make money off it, and even more people will die if they CAN make money off it.

*a.k.a. CO2-induced global warming, anthropogenic climate change, anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD)


Blogger anonymous wak said...

"climate change due to carbon pollution in the atmosphere"

funny how no one ever blames the US military and the thousands of vehicles using millions of gallons of fuel every week if not every day not to mention none of their vehicles utilize any type of smog/emission device.
i live in california where we have the very strictest emission control laws in the world and i drive a maximum of 2 miles a day yet somehow people like me are to blame for climate change.
i'll bet assholes like al gore with his fleet of private jet-liners and his numerous mansions that have every light in the property blazing 24/7 would be exempt from any carbon tax. fuck him.

7:49 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

the US military is the largest polluter in the world, and there are people who call them out on it.

You driving is not the problem.

Al Gore is not the problem. At least he worked on waking people up to this problem.

The US military is a HUGE problem. Fuck THEM.

Also, the meat industry, which releases HUGE amounts of methane into the atmosphere.

Finally fracking and anything that releases methane into the atmosphere. There is a huge methane leak in Porter Ranch, CA. All these things are fucked up and terrible and we are likely totally screwed.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Shallel said...

The Military Nuclear Energy programs of certain
countries have created over 300,000 tons
of irradiated fuel rods, sitting at a nuclear plant near you,
reliant on grid power to keep them from igniting
in an unquenchable radiotoxic fire.
CO2 and methane are going exponential,
"wilding" the climate and raising sea levels.

Oh, and these death plants are located on coastlines,
and seem to be sited mostly on earthquake faults.

What could possibly go wrong?

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it comes to polluting the Universal ether, the name ALEX JONES is right up there.

I like this person's take:

"Alex Jones copied the late Bill Cooper’s mannerisms and talking style.

Watch interviews of Cooper and compare to Jones pre-disinfo empire when he was nobody to now that he’s the king of crap.

His breathing, raising his voice, his appearance of disbelief of it all at times, all stolen.

Another case of identity theft by the chosen few I suppose."

8:42 PM  
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