Humint Events Online: The Importance of UFO/ET Disclosure

Friday, January 01, 2016

The Importance of UFO/ET Disclosure

Does anyone really doubt that the US govt and other major govts around the world are keeping what they know about UFOs a secret?

Clearly the ETs are not interested in making their presence known on a wide scale. They may even be actively involved in covering up their own tracks, hence the whole weird Men in Black phenomenon.

But it's also clear the USG just doesn't want people to know on a popular scale about what's out there. Likely they justify it out of fears that people will panic, or that it will be too upsetting to our culture and economic order. Although it seems like people are getting closer to handling this than they were years ago, after years of messages about ETs in movies.

In any case, there is one major reason why we need disclosure, and that is we seem to be getting closer to a planetary ecological catastrophe. And humanity is no where close to being able solve this on the scale needed.

What COULD save us, is ET technology: for energy and for anything else that would help us save the planet from drowning in pollution.

The leaders of the world need to come clean about what they know, and what they have, so we can use advanced technology for saving our civilization.


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