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Monday, March 21, 2016

Modeling the WTC Destruction

This video is cute, but modeling the WTC is very tricky, as I well know.

The main problem that I found when I tried to model the WTC, is that scaling down really doesn't work very well. It's extremely easy to make the columns in the model too strong, even if you are using seemingly flimsy objects or materials for the columns.

Watching this, though, made me think about WTC demolition again-- particularly when they show a good shot of the WTC1 spire about 13.5 minutes in.

The 3 major oddities of the WTC destruction are:

1) the incredibly rapid downward fall, showing almost no resistance from the floors below

2) the incredible pulverization of the structure-- the complete destruction of everything in the tower, even the concrete floors were largely disintegrated

3) the tall central core hollowed out "spire" that remained after the initial fall of the outer floors, that then fell from the base up, apparently

It's actually hard to think of a single demolition or collapse mechanism that explain all three of these things. So, what are the possibilities here?

We can easily rule out the official story of gravity-induced collapse by itself.

Thermite or conventional explosives require too much preparation, and just too many of these devices/much of this material was required to be in the building, to be a practical explanation.

Underground nukes have never made any sense.

Mini-nukes could pulverize the building components if placed properly, but how would they leave the spire?

You could imagine micro-nukes tearing the floors away from the core, allowing for rapid fall, but how was everything pulverized inside the tower?

Unconventional weaponry, a la Judy Wood, could explain this ONLY BECAUSE it's basically a vague catch-all mechanism that has no specific explanation. So that is very unsatisfying. and even then, there is still no single weapon that can account for everything.

The only thing feasible to me are:

1) mini/micro nukes, because of their power and easier installation.

2) different types of demolition at different stages of destruction.
   a) a good-size centrally-planted mini-nuke to blow out the plane impact section and start the destruction process
   b) a series of mini-nukes to take out the floors-- perhaps one of each side in the center of the floor, every 5th floor or so-- this is required for the pulverization of the concrete floors and building components
   c) a mini-nuke in the core to take out the spire
Here's an old video I made on the spire:

I won't say I still stand by every word here, but I think it still makes some good points.

It's so bizarre and creepy to think of nuking the WTC, but what other feasible explanation is there?


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