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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Nuclear Aftermath at Hiroshima

Horrifying, a scene from hell:

But by the time I came out, the building was on fire. That meant all my classmates who were with me, about 30 of them, were burned to death alive. And I and two other girls managed to come out. The three of us looked around outside. And although it happened in the morning, it was dark, dark as twilight. And as our eyes got used to recognize things, those dark moving objects happened to be human beings. It was like a procession of ghosts. I say "ghosts" because they simply did not look like human beings. Their hair was rising upwards, and they were covered with blood and dirt, and they were burned and blackened and swollen. Their skin and flesh were hanging, and parts of the bodies were missing. Some were carrying their own eyeballs. And they collapsed onto the ground. Their stomach burst open, and intestines start stretching out.
"Hanging skin" was observed for some WTC survivors, though I don't remember the even worse effects described here. Certainly, the nuke exposure at the WTC on 9/11 was quite a different order of magnitude than at Hiroshima.

Also, accidentally, or intentionally, she implies a 33. Three schoolgirls survive and 30 burned to death. 33 classmates. 33 is the code for nuclear incidents.

What are the odds?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many 33s can you find on any page of the WWide Web and selling emporium? 33?

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