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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why Did Bernie Sanders Endorse Hillary Clinton?

Why did Bernie endorse Hillary if she and the DNC rigged the election against him?

As I have posted here to some extent, there were election abnormalities in the Dem primary this year. This is even some apparent evidence of electronic vote hacking, which as usual, has gotten no mainstream attention.

So I will posit for the sake of argument that the powers that be, by a variety of means, rigged the election to help Hillary Clinton win.

So the big question is: why didn’t Bernie Sanders fight this, call it out, expose the scam? He could have been the nominee if he’d exposed Hillary! He could have won the presidency and been a hero! And YET—he conceded to Hillary, and even endorsed her. He went to the Dem convention and helped out Hillary’s nomination. And why didn’t anyone else in the Sander’s campaign say anything?

So here are the various possibilities I can think of to explain this behavior:

1) Bernie is just as corrupt as Hillary— he’s part of the same corrupt system-- and he was basically a sheepdog to lure more lefty voters into Hillary’s campaign, and he will get some reward for doing that.

2) Bernie and his campaign recognized there was some fraud but realized that Trump posed the bigger threat and so didn’t fight it

3) Bernie and his campaign were going to fight the election fraud, but got threatened by a DNC/HRC gang of thugs to be quiet, or else!

4) Bernie and his campaign were going to fight the election fraud, but found out it went far deeper than just the DNC/HRC gang. The deep state, including the media, was controlling the shots, and the Bernie people had no chance against them.

5) Bernie and his campaign looked into it, saw no real evidence of DNC-organized criminal fraud, just the normal hardball aspect of politics and so dropped it. They lost fair and square. He recognized the threat of Trump, and wanted to help make sure Hillary had the help she needed to beat him.

#1 is possible, and since Bernie has never spoken out about any conspiracy matter such as 9/11 or anthrax or JFK, it’s clear he’s not the ultimate truth-teller/seeker. While Bernie is less of a warmonger than Hillary, he’s still corrupted by the military-industrial complex, e.g. he supported the F35 boondoggle.

#2 seems quite possible, and fits with a lot of the facts, and suggests awareness of important priorities by Bernie and his campaign. On the other hand, it shows some degree of corruption to let the abnormalities slide.

#3 is the least likely to my mind. I really doubt the Dems are so powerful to control the voting systems to that degree.

#4 is possible, and actually is a better explanation for the vote-rigging—if it’s being done at a deeper, more powerful level than the Dem party. The problem is, if it’s that deep and powerful, it’s very hard to fight such a faceless, amorphous enemy. On the other hand, if the deep PTB did it, it’s silly to protest the DNC and Hillary. However, people can be excused from thinking that the system is out of their control and then not voting. One interesting possibility is that some dark force is just screwing with us, making us choose between two unpopular candidates just as a sick test.

#5 is the most benign explanation, and is quite possible too.

All this being said, I think Trump is a huge danger, whether or not he’s orchestrated in some way. He cannot be elected president, because he simply is ignorant and temperamentally unfit for the job. Not to mention his running Pence is a fucking theocrat, and he's the one who would be in charge.

I just don't see Hillary being the same sort of danger as Trump, at all. Plus, I like Bernie, and the fact that he endorsed her, I think IS meaningful.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

ya we get it, you don't like bernie.
maybe tell us why hillary would be a better choice.

"I just don't see Hillary being the same sort of danger as Trump, at all."

either do i. hillary is an accomplished, established war-monger and contrary to obama's campaign promise to "bring all the troops home", his secretary of aggression hillary has committed more U.S. military aggression towards 3rd world countries than even bushcorp did.

at least trump would be a change for once.

2:06 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I *do* like Bernie, as I've posted here before, and he endorsed Hillary. So that's good. I'm just musing on whether there's a deeper conspiracy here.

2:55 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

bernie sure took his time after losing until finally reluctantly endorsing hillary,
and many bernie delegates still refuse to endorse hillary.
even obama's brother endorses trump over hillary.

me, i think trump has enough money of his own that he will not be beholden to any special interest.
plus he is not a politician so he would inject some degree of change to our neck of the woods.
also he advocates closing the border with mexico whilst hillary will continue bushcorp policies allowing the endless stream of diseased uneducated illegal immigrants unfettered access to our public school and health and welfare systems.

3:29 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

your entire post points out the collusion between the clinton camp and the elitePTB/govtmedia yet berates trump for not having the balls to stand up to them.

you know who has the balls? clintons have the balls to lie cheat steal and even murder
to achieve their aims.
remember that they were best pals with bushcorp.

3:57 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Trump is a classic bullshit artist. He pushes bullshit conspiracy theories but won't come out for 9/11 truth. He's completely ignorant on politics and world affairs and has no self-control. He contradicts himself. He should be kept away from the nuclear codes at all costs. This is not a fucking game. The only reason he has any support is because the GOP base has lost its mind. Sad to see you talking like a rightwinger too.

12:28 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

nobody in the spotlight will ever come out for 9/11 truth.
it is political and even literal death sentence by 2 bullets to the head
stuffed into a suitcase thrown into the river suicide.
trump is a bullshit artist but clinton is a proven liar manipulator and even
i'd rather be punked by a clown than nuked by a megalomaniac.

4:45 AM  

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