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Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Am Pretty Sure Now Trump Is Not Seriously Running for President

Otherwise, he would not have taken on this horrible Breitbart asshole Stephen Bannon to run his campaign.

This doctor letter for Trump is also totally phony.

And of course Trump won't release his tax forms, which is a sure sign he's hiding something big. 

This letter from a former Trump supporter is awesome:
Donald, you dumb son of a bitch. You've destroyed yourself, and you're about to take the rest of us down with you. Do you understand that? Tens of millions of Americans invested in you, not because they gave a damn about you, but because they love their country. And because you convinced them you could lead their country out of the doldrums of decay created by progressive globalists. They bought into you. A whole political party bought into you. And you crapped the bed.
You've gotten so stupid, so decidedly self-destructive, that it doesn't seem like an accident. It seems like you're a political suicide bomber, intent on destroying not just the Republican Party, but also the United States. You have stolen electoral choice from approximately half of the American population. In an election in which the Democratic Party has offered a deeply flawed and despised candidate, you have gone out of your way over the last three weeks to become an even more deeply flawed and despised candidate.
Few politicians in the history of America have so soured the nation's stomach so quickly. You went from your best position in the contest to your worst position in the contest, with a week's worth of verbal diarrhea. And you have continued to nosedive with imbecilic rantings about how the media is out to get you and the election is rigged and we need vigilantes at the polls to keep Democrats from voting five time.
You are a frigging idiot. You are not only not capable of being president of the United States, you don't even rise to the national average. You are a thuggish stereotype from a 70s mafia movie. A self-important mouth breather who gives narcissism a bad name. 
In a country deeply dissatisfied with either its status quo or its future prospects, you have single handedly taken a seminal election and nullified it. In a season of choice, you have made sure there isn't one.
You have screwed 300 million people in order to help one person -- Hillary Clinton. And it's time to piss or get off the pot. Either immediately pull your head out of your back end, or withdraw from the race. Throw a clot, make up an excuse, hire somebody to write some credible words, it doesn't matter. Just find the door and walk out it. Or stop acting like the stupidest man on earth. Get over yourself. Come up for air just long enough to realize that, as opposed to being the smartest guy in the room, you are a walking, talking, BSing train wreck.
Your conduct thus far has shamed your family name for all time. And that all needs to stop immediately, or you need to stop immediately. The nation and those of us who supported you deserve better. And though it looks like you have no instinct or idea about what duty and selflessness are -- it is apparent you've never been about anything other than your own ego and desires -- you need to either serve the team or take one for the team.
You've shown your cards and you're holding nothing. You can't hire and direct a campaign staff, much less administer a country. You can't hold your tongue before a friendly crowd, much less in the counsels of government or diplomacy. You don't seem capable of expressing a single emotion. You are reminiscent of a monkey in the zoo, who stops playing with himself only long enough to throw turd balls at America.  

Let's assume Trump was a plant, a reality show faker from the beginning, and this was all a game. WHAT THE FUCK does it say about the Republican party and THEIR VOTERS that they fell for it?  How fucking stupid do you have to be?

Look, you can say, "well, haha, you support Hillary Clinton". But Hillary Clinton is a serious person, a serious politician and I know pretty much exactly what I'm getting from her. I have no illusions that she will be better than Obama. She might be better, she might be worse than him, but I don't think she will bring the apocalypse in the manner that Trump seems to be capable of, if he was elected. Because he is a scam artist, and had no fucking business getting this far in the race. 

And if he was a joke played by the Clintons on the GOP, and he ends up destroying them, well that's pretty fucking awesome for the Clintons, and all I can say is "well played".


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