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Monday, November 07, 2016

Trump's Comeuppence

Dispatches from Trump’s bunker are becoming Felliniesque. It reminds me of the unbridled joy I took in reading those late stories about Mitt Romney’s absolute denial that he was about to be beaten like a half-starved rented mule. The difference this time around is that Trump really does seem to understand that he’s about to go down like an overmatched tomato can.
He’s never getting that revenge he wanted against President Obama.
He’s met a woman he couldn’t push around.
And now his high roller brand is shot. Everyone knows he’s not really a billionaire.
His credit is probably shot, too, since anyone who needs to know now realizes that he’s a horrible risk who doesn’t honor debts or contracts.
He’s going to get nailed to the wall on Trump University, probably in state after state after state.
He’ll never get another show like The Apprentice.
He’ll never be able to say he’s a winner again.
His daughter is pissed because no one will buy her clothes and her inheritance is as good as in bankruptcy court.
The in-laws aren’t too impressed with Trump’s decision to make his final argument an anti-Semitic jihad against a global Jewish conspiracy to suck the lifeblood out of the white working class.
His wife now knows a lot more than she needed to about Trump’s behavior and affairs when he leaves her watchful eye.
The IRS is going to finish that audit soon, or begin one if that was just a lie.
His foundation has a few…uh…problems.
And there’s all that Russian stuff to explore. That ought to keep his buddies at the FBI busy for a while.
As for the media and the GOP? The stories they tell about Trump will be as far from flattering as possible.
And Trump won’t be able to crash charity balls anymore because people know he doesn’t actually donate any money.
His buddy Christie won’t be leading the Justice Department to save either of their asses.
Mike Pence won’t remember Trump’s first name.
Gingrich and Giuliani will graduate to their next big scam.
But Trump will still have Breitbart. Breitbart and Twitter and a Facebook Trump TV channel with no financing and no investors.

And whether his racism was an act or not, it was still "deplorable". Yes, it was.


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