Humint Events Online: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Conveniently Distracts from the Report on Russian Hacking

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Conveniently Distracts from the Report on Russian Hacking

I saw it myself-- our local paper had the shooting on the front page, while the report on Russian hacking was relegated to an inside section.

I watched CBS national news last night (by accident), and the airport shooting occupied the critical first 10 minutes of the show, pretty stupid coverage overall, so tedious. So formulaic. Don't people get tired of this shit? Then 5 minutes on the big storm to hit the east coast. I gave up after that.

21st Century Wire notes the timing of the shooting, even as they question the hacking report itself.

Whatever. I tend to believe the hacking was done by Russians to influence our presidential election, for a variety of reasons. I understand the reticence to believe the US intelligence agencies, but the fact is, they are not wrong about everything, and there is really a confluence of evidence that points to this being a true story.

And there are some funny things about the shooting, it seems to be a fairly typical case of "FBI manufactured terror."

And the FBI did seem to help throw the election to Trump, with their bogus "October surprise" revelation about Hillary's emails.

Which brings up another point-- I have been wondering if the FBI is actually more corrupt and complicit in terrorism than the CIA. Not that the CIA isn't complicit-- but just that for 9/11, the FBI was in very deep with the hijackers and really ran the cover-up-- much more than the CIA was.

Of course, for 9/11, multiple agencies must have been involved at some level. But the FBI was key.

So in any case, I think this airport shooting actually strengthens the case for Russian hacking, if the PTB felt they needed a distraction away from the story.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

FBI RETURNED Ft. Lauderdale shooter's gun a month before airport attack after he reported himself because he thought the CIA was making him fight for ISIS

Santiago walked into an FBI office in Alaska in November and complained....

His gun was taken from him but returned December 8.

He was not put on any no-fly lists and was allowed to check to his gun, which was his only piece of luggage.


wow you couldn't make up a more stupid false-flag op than this!

11:35 AM  

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