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Sunday, March 26, 2017

GOP Con Men

It has been clear for ages that Trump is a conman, but this Maher bit is just perfect and hilarious. The incredibly stupid things Trump said during the campaign are amazing:


What Steve Bannon and Paul Ryan have in common is the fact that they are both con men. Ryan was trying to sell his tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy under the guise of deficit reduction. Bannon set out to sell a trust fund baby who declared bankruptcy half a dozen times and didn’t pay his contractors, let alone his taxes, as “friend of the working man.” Bannon has never been able to stand Ryan. Ryan represents the GOP conservative core that is part of the system about which Bannon says, “I want to tear it all down.” Deconstruction and destruction are all that these two unlikely bedfellows have in common. That, and the fact that they both gambled too heavily on being able to get the (Obamacare) repeal and replace scam over, before anybody started to look too closely or ask too many questions, or so they thought.


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